Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late. – Benjamin Franklin

Today’s quick hits deal with these important subjects:

  • Jon Tester’s Memoir
  • 2019 Montana Legislature
  • Joe Biden
  • Final Thought

Jon Tester’s Memoir:

The Great Falls Tribune reported that U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) has entered into an agreement to write a memoir, Publishers Weekly reported in its April 22 edition. It is to be co-written by Aaron Murphy, the former chief of staff for the Montana Democrat, the article stated, adding a fall 2020 publication date is planned.

Great googly moogly!

I’ll bet there will be a centerfold of his tractor in the book.

I’m not sure what the title will be and I’m sure some of my readers will have some ideas! Off the top of my head, here are a few ideas:

  • “Flattop Farmer/Senator”
  • “Counting to Seven”
  • “My Life in the Meat Grinder”
  • “My Tractor is Sexy”
  • “No Grain in My Silo.”
  • “Donald Trump & Me”

I doubt any of these make the cut, but you never know. Maybe I will be mentioned in the book!

2019 Montana Legislature:

Everyone who is interested in the politics surrounding the 2019 Montana Legislature should read the article from Montana Free Press which is titled, “As the 2019 session ends, a powerful faction of GOP lawmakers tallies its wins and losses.”

Here’s a sample:

On the first day of the 2019 legislative session, House Speaker Greg Hertz, R-Polson, stood before reporters to deliver a message: “On day one, Republicans are united and ready to get to work.”

The final hours of the session’s last day, however, proved Montana’s long-standing GOP rift has remained in force and possibly deepened.

Read the entire article HERE.

One thing that I learned about the Montana GOP is they are good at forming circular firing squads.

Joe Biden:

Former Vice President and current Democrat candidate for President Joe Biden kicked off his campaign with a speech to union members in Pittsburgh on Monday. (Reuters)

President Donald Trump went after Biden on Twitter saying:

Sleepy Joe Biden is having his first rally in the Great State of Pennsylvania. He obviously doesn’t know that Pennsylvania is having one of the best economic years in its history, with lowest unemployment EVER, a now thriving Steel Industry (that was dead) & great future!……..

It should be fun seeing 70+ year-olds going after each other. This might be more exciting than watching dinner time at a local retirement home…

Final Thought:

My son asked why I speak so softly in the house. I said I was afraid the NSA was listening. He laughed, l laughed, Alexa laughed…



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  1. Well, we could’ve used your list of title ideas a few weeks ago, Mike! I’ll ping you for the sequel…

  2. I think Jon will write about all the wonderful Montanans who helped him along the way.

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