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Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. ― John Wooden

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • New Zealand & Trump
  • Trump & McCain
  • Trump & Fox News
  • March Madness

New Zealand & Trump:

Unfortunately, there’s admiration of President Donald J. Trump from one of the suspects in the New Zealand mosque shootings.

According to several sources, the suspected shooter reportedly wrote in a more than 70-page manifesto that Trump: “As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.” (The Hill)

The hatred that Trump has spread has made it around the world. That’s a terrible stain on our Presidency.

Trump & McCain:

I don’t like it when I read about people persecuting or saying disparaging things about people who are dead. They should let them rest in peace. They cannot defend themselves.

President Donald Trump went after the late U.S. Senator John McCain on Twitter this weekend. McCain died in August. I guess he still haunts Trump:

So it was indeed (just proven in court papers) “last in his class” (Annapolis) John McCain that sent the Fake Dossier to the FBI and Media hoping to have it printed BEFORE the Election. He & the Dems, working together, failed (as usual). Even the Fake News refused this garbage!

Trump also tweeted this:

Spreading the fake and totally discredited Dossier “is unfortunately a very dark stain against John McCain.” Ken Starr, Former Independent Counsel. He had far worse “stains” than this, including thumbs down on repeal and replace after years of campaigning to repeal and replace!

Meghan McCain, the Senator’s daughter, responded with:

No one will ever love you the way they loved my father…. I wish I had been given more Saturday’s with him. Maybe spend yours with your family instead of on twitter obsessing over mine?

John McCain may not have been the most likable Senator, but he had standards. McCain served his country while Trump dodged the draft. Trump will need moderate votes to win his next election – by attacking a dead moderate like McCain he is hurting his reelection chances.

You can read more about the attack HERE.

Trump & Fox News:

President Donald J. Trump was upset that Justice with Judge Jeanine was taken off Fox News Saturday night. It’s not clear if it’s permanent or not.

Vox reported that Justice With Judge Jeanine was missing from its usual Saturday timeslot at 9 pm on Fox News, coming just one week after Pirro questioned whether Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was loyal to the United States because she wears a hijab.

Trump tweeted this about the show:

Bring back @JudgeJeanine Pirro. The Radical Left Democrats, working closely with their beloved partner, the Fake News Media, is using every trick in the book to SILENCE a majority of our Country. They have all out campaigns against @FoxNews hosts who are doing too well.

I hope the President tweets about other television shows that were canceled.

I was unhappy when the crime drama series on TNT called “Southland” was canceled in 2013. I was also unhappy with the series finale of “Lost” on ABC. Maybe the President can tweet about these shows being canceled and bring them back and make the writers give them a better and proper ending…

March Madness:

The 68 teams have been chosen. The “first four” play Tuesday/Wednesday and the rest of the tournament begins Thursday, March 21. The National Championship is April 8 in Minneapolis.

So get your brackets ready!

I kind of like Gonzaga to make a strong run for the championship this year. They are 30-3 entering the tournament. Duke (29-5) looks tough, too. As for a dark horse, the Auburn Tigers (26-9) are playing some good ball.

Then there’s Montana, which is a 15 seed. According to Wikipedia, the Montana Grizzlies have appeared in eleven NCAA tournaments. Their combined record is 2–12. This year they play #2 Michigan in the Des Moines regional on Thursday. Last year they played Michigan and lost 61-47.

Most people don’t give Montana much of chance (me included) with even the “Matchup Predictor” on ESPN saying Michigan has a 95.2% of winning the game against Montana.

Then again, stranger things have happened. There needs to be a Cinderella story every year – who will wear the “Cinderella” crown in 2019?



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  2. Gonzaga could have issues in 2nd round if Syracuse and their zone come a calling on only 1 day of prep for Gonzaga. If they get by that they could face Fla St. next and they are deeeeeep.

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