The Wednesday Read

Maybe my mom was right all those years ago. Maybe I won’t be happy until someone loses an eye. Maybe that’s what’s been missing. – Unknown

Today’s topics include:

  • Non-Citizens & Voting
  • NFL Free Agency
  • The NBA Problem

Non-Citizens & Voting:

I’m on the internet a lot and see some of the silly crap that people with agendas post because they hate the other party or they are too dumb to understand the legislative process.

Recently, there was a post going around that said, “227 of the 233 Democrats in the House voted to allow illegals to vote in our elections” and Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives had “voted in favor of illegal immigrant voting.”

They were debating H.R. 1. That bill already had a sentence in it that reads, “Federal law prohibits noncitizens from voting in Federal elections.” A Republican member of the House offered an amendment to the bill that was nothing but a political stunt. The amendment about voting failed because most members knew about the sentence already contained in the bill.

The fact-checking website Snopes has a write-up about the fake news HERE. The claim is in passing H.R. 1 in March 2019, House Democrats voted in favor of allowing non-citizens to vote.

Snopes rated this claim as “False.”

It’s almost as dumb as saying certain members of the House/Senate who you dislike should be impeached. They cannot be impeached. In the U.S. House, they can be removed by expulsion and be censured and reprimanded. In the Senate, they can be expelled and censured.

It’s hard for people looking for valid information to find the facts anymore on the internet. Some people are motivated by spewing hate and misinformation. Others are just too ignorant to know the difference.

NFL Free Agency:

Today (March 13) is the start of the new NFL year and the beginning of free agency.

Here are some free agency moves that caught my attention (information from ESPN):

  • It looks like the New York Giants have agreed to trade star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns.
    This may be the biggest move this offseason...
  • Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell plans to sign with the New York Jets.
    Bell should love the New York media…
  • The Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to trade linebacker Dee Ford to the San Francisco 49ers.
    Chiefs fans may remember (how could we forget) that Ford was called for a critical offsides penalty that negated a game-sealing interception by Kansas City against New England in the playoffs. (USA Today)
  • Former Houston Texans safety Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu intends to sign a three-year, $42 million deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.
    This is a good move by the Chiefs to strengthen their defense for next season.
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars will sign former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles to a four-year deal worth $88 million.
    Good for Foles…

The 2019 NFL draft is April 25-27 in Nashville.

The NBA Problem:

There are about 15 or so games left in the National Basketball Association (NBA) regular season, so this is crunch time for teams and players. The tension is thick. Players are tired.

The NBA has a problem they need to address. It could explode at any moment.

The problem is the fans are too close to the players. The other night in Utah, Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and a fan got into a verbal spat. NBA players can handle the booing, but when the fans make it personal, then we have a problem.

It’s been about 15 years (November 19, 2004) since the “Malice at the Palace” incident when the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers brawled and the fans became involved after a cup was thrown at one of the Pacers. That’s when it escalated with Pacers small forward Ron Artest going after the fan in the stands.

The NBA should consider a glass barrier like the National Hockey League has to protect fans and players. This would keep fans from having easy access to players. The expensive courtside seats need to become a thing of the past or be strictly limited.

The NBA does not need another “Malice at the Palace.”