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It’s fine to eat a “test” grape in the produce section but you take one bite of a rotisserie chicken and it’s all, “sir you need to leave.” – Unknown

Welcome to the big column to end the week “Caught My Eye” (CME)!

If you are a first-time visitor, welcome! CME is the once a week column that is posted here every Friday morning. This is when I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. There may be some sarcasm and pointed commentary so be warned!

Here are the topics that “Caught My Eye” this week:

  • Tester Outs Bullock
  • Lacey – The Heat Is On
  • Social Media & Guns
  • Making Trump’s Bed
  • One More Thing

Tester Outs Bullock:

Or did he?

In case you missed it, the Associated Press reported that on Tuesday U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) was asked during an appearance at American University about Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s (D-MT) plans to run for U.S. Senate.

Tester answered, “Yeah, he’s running. Yeah. Yeah, he is.”

On Wednesday Tester’s staff said Tester misheard the question and thought the person was asking about Bullock’s plan to run for President.

Even Bullock’s Chief of Staff, Tom Lopach, was quoted in the story saying, “Bullock is not interested in a Senate run.”

Maybe Lopach should slap Bullock and tell him he has no chance in hell of being President. A good Chief of Staff would be truthful and do that.

The fact is that Bullock’s best chance to continue in elective office is to run for U.S. Senate against Republican first-term Senator Steve Daines.

The announcement and walk-back of the announcement did not stop U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte (R-MT) from sending a fundraising email saying:

It’s breaking all over social media – Jon Tester is saying that Governor Steve Bullock will challenge my friend, Senator Steve Daines in 2020.

In case you forgot, Daines is rich. Gianforte is filthy rich.

Gianforte goes on to ask supporters:

We can’t let Steve Bullock, the billionaire liberal elite donors, and the leftist special interest grievance groups leap to an early advantage that will lead to a Democrat victory, so please step up today with your generous Senator Steve Daines 2020 Defense Fund contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more! 

2020 is in our windshield…and someone may be testing the water.

Lacey – The Heat Is On:

Over at the E-City Beat blog in Great Falls, it seems they pretty much dislike anything that deals with teachers, administrators, superintendents, city commissioners, puppies, etc.

The latest blog posts (three so far) from Editor-in-Chief Philip M. Faccenda is about some students being cold in school, although a $98 million bond was passed in 2016.

I’m not sure if Faccenda is a watchdog citizen or if he has a burr under his saddle about something with the public schools in Great Falls.

Nonetheless, Great Falls Public Schools Superintendent Tammy Lacey responded and she kind of echoed Glenn Frey’s song, “The Heat Is On” with the following response in her Tammy’s Top Ten on Tuesday:

Facility update. The cold weather that comes with winter has arrived in Great Falls. That means it’s time to turn up the heat and we can do just that thanks to the bond levy passage in October, 2016. $2,544,238 in levy proceeds have been used to install new boilers and do other mechanical upgrades at North and East middle schools, at Loy, Meadow Lark, Whittier, Valley View, Sunnyside, and Lincoln elementary schools, and at the GFHS South Campus. Our students and staff have been understanding as the calibration between the new boilers and the old controls and distribution systems have been taking place at these schools. Cold weather is needed to begin the tune-up process and while that can create challenges, most have been mitigated and the schools are being efficiently heated. New boilers and mechanical upgrades will be installed at Riverview and Sacajawea elementary schools, and at Paris Gibson Education Center this coming summer for an estimated use of $1,600,000 of bond proceeds.
Former students of GFHS can attest to the fact that heating and ventilation have been problems for years. Some rooms are too warm while others can be a bit chilly on Monday mornings or because the heat has turned down over longer breaks to conserve precious budget dollars. The Facility Plan on which the bond levy was based, addressed these long-time issues. The bond proceeds are paying for a new centralized boiler plant and mechanical distribution system currently being constructed within the new Hub addition. The new system will serve as the core of the comprehensive mechanical renovation to the existing Main Campus building and the addition. Once the Hub is completed, the renovation of the Main Campus will begin and the new system will be connected during remodeling.
Plans are also being made to replace the boilers at CMR as they are original to the building and now over 50 years old. All of these HVAC upgrades will provide efficient heating in our schools for years to come.

It sounds to me that progress is being made. Thanks to all those who are making it happen.

Social Media & Guns:

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting that a state senator from New York is proposing a bill that would require police to scrutinize the social media and online searches of handgun license applicants, and disqualify those who publish violent or hate-filled posts.

According to the AP, the bill would require handgun applicants to turn over login information to allow investigators to look at three years’ worth of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram posts. Google, Yahoo and Bing searches over the previous year also would be checked.

If they checked my searches right now, they would find searches for bamboo paper plate holders, socks, cereal, and if Maya Rudolph is Minnie Riperton’s daughter (she is).

This is only a bill for the state of New York, so don’t start stockpiling more guns and ammo just yet, buckaroos.

If it would save lives, and prevent fewer mass shootings, it would be worth it, don’t you think?

Making Trump’s Bed:

The headline from the New York Times got my attention:

Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers.

First thing I thought, “In the White House?” Nope, it’s at the President’s New Jersey Golf Club.

The lead paragraphs are interesting:

During more than five years as a housekeeper at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Victorina Morales has made Donald J. Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and dusted his crystal golf trophies. When he visited as president, she was directed to wear a pin in the shape of the American flag adorned with a Secret Service logo.

Because of the “outstanding” support she has provided during Mr. Trump’s visits, Ms. Morales in July was given a certificate from the White House Communications Agency inscribed with her name.

Quite an achievement for an undocumented immigrant housekeeper.

Ouch. According to the report, there are a lot of people working there who are undocumented.

So, this goes down as another Trump lie about not hiring illegal immigrants.

As for the Trump Organization, they responded to a Fox News inquiry with this:

We have tens of thousands of employees across our properties and have very strict hiring practices. If any employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately.

I’m sure Victorina Morales will be fired, but we should thank her for exposing another Trump lie. I hope someone reaches out to help her.

One More Thing:

Yesterday, December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. – Franklin D. Roosevelt on the morning after the Pearl Harbor attack.



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