Tuesday’s Quick Hits: Kasich, Tear Gas, Trump, & One More Thing

One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. – Paulo Coelho

Today’s quick hits deal with these important subjects:

  • Kasich 2020?
  • Tear Gas
  • Here Comes Santa Trump
  • One More Thing

Kasich 2020?

USA Today reported that Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a fierce critic of President Donald Trump who challenged him for the Republican nomination in 2016, is thinking “very seriously” about another run for president in 2020.

This is a good thing. Kasich understands the workings of the government; Trump does not. Kasich would bring strong credentials to the White House

Kasich said that all options were on the table, which includes a third-party or a bipartisan run.

Kasich: “We need different leadership, there isn’t a question about it. I’m not only just worried about the tone and the name-calling and the division in our country and the partisanship, but I also worry about the policies.”

I agree with that.

Visit John Kasich’s website HERE.

Tear Gas:

President Donald Trump has verified that tear gas was used on the border against migrant men, women, and children, calling it “very minor form of tear gas” and “very safe.” (The Hill)

I served in the military and was trained on the use and deployment of tear gas. Of course, I had to have tear gas used on me. It was not fun – even if it was a “minor form of tear gas.”

There has to be a better way. We can’t have people rushing our borders, and we can’t stop allowing people to legally try to come into our great country. We must help those who are in danger.

Here Comes Santa Trump:

White House correspondent Shannon Pettypiece of Bloomberg News was covering the President in Biloxi, Mississippi, yesterday during one of his campaign events.

She tweeted that “The president just walked out of a giant chimney and there is fake snow blowing….”

I bet Trump keeps a list of bad girls…

One More Thing:

Dictionary.com has selected “misinformation” as word of the year for 2018.

The Associated Press reported:

Jane Solomon, a linguist-in-residence at Dictionary, said in a recent interview that her site’s choice of “mis” over “dis” was deliberate, intended to serve as a “call to action” to be vigilant in the battle against fake news, flat earthers and anti-vaxxers, among other conduits.

I figured they were reading my timeline on Facebook and seeing all the fake news and misinformation some of my gullible friends are reposting…



3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits: Kasich, Tear Gas, Trump, & One More Thing

  1. “The San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce said the closure came during the crucial holiday sales season and had a “devastating” impact.

    “Sunday’s closure alone represents a $5.3 million loss, just from San Ysidro business,” said chamber Executive Director Jason Wells in a message to community leaders. “Other businesses, from Chula Vista, to National City, to San Diego and beyond were also affected.”

    Wells said 93 percent of the San Ysidro area’s customers come from Mexico, so three quarters of the businesses were forced to close for the day around noon, including the sprawling Las Americas Premium Outlets.”


    Not to mention that closing border is a violation of international law and the usual sign of a government run by a autocratic tyrant.

    People have a right under international law to present themselves at any authorized border crossing to apply for asylum and that country has a legal obligation to process that application.

    Tear gas is a chemical compound and is not safe for ingestion on tacos or anything else. The Border Patrol Foundation has no official position from which to speak for the CBP.

    According to the Commissioner of the CBP no officers were injured because they wear protective gear. Once again proving Trump will lie about anything anytime.

    It’s good to know I’m still living rent-free in your head, Barry. hee-hee

  2. Kasich didn’t make it far last time, his chances are better with a smaller field but I wouldn’t put any money on him…

    Tear Gas in a confined room that you were probably in is a way different story then used on an open area with the wind blowing, right? Did you suffer any adverse effects from it? Did you raise your concerns when Obama used it? Just curious…

    Can’t wait to hear from doug.

    How about those Zags!

    • Barry – Welcome back!

      *I think Kasich would do better if he teamed with a moderate Democrat. We’ll see.
      *I’ve done tear gas both ways – outside and inside. Neither was desirable, although when you are outside you can get away from it easier.
      *I don’t remember if I said anything about Obama using tear gas or not. It’s too easy to use past actions to defend the actions of today.
      *Zags always seem to be in the mix – good coach and a good team. I don’t pay too much attention to college BB until February.

      Thanks again for your comments!


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