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Welcome to “Thursday Numbers!” In case you’re a first-time visitor, this is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes sprinkled with sarcasm.

This week’s topics include tax revenues, new millionaires, unemployment, Brawl of the Wild, Ryan Zinke, Trump reelect poll, hate crimes, U.S. Postal Service, still counting votes, Chiefs vs. Rams, LeBron, and much more!


The federal government collected record total tax revenues of $252,692,000,000 in October, the first month of fiscal 2019, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released Tuesday. Despite the record tax collections, the government still ran a deficit of $100,491,000,000 for the month—because it spent $353,183,000,000. (CNS News)

The Federal Government should not spend more than it takes in. Both political parties are good at this. 


That’s how many new millionaires were created in the last 12 months in the United States according to an international wealth report from Credit Suisse. There are 42.2 million millionaires worldwide. (Credit Suisse)

I just missed it. Maybe next year…


That’s how many people filed new claims for unemployment last week. (USDOL)


The Montana State Bobcats (6-4) travel to Missoula to take on the Montana Grizzlies (6-4) in the 118th Brawl of the Wild is this Saturday. The game is sold-out. The official capacity of Washington-Grizzly Stadium is 25,217. ROOT Sports is broadcasting the game, which begins at noon (Montana time).

There’s a possibility that the winner of this game will make the FCS playoffs.


U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke declared Monday he’s “100 percent confident” no wrongdoing will be found in pending ethics investigations that have stirred speculation he could get ousted from President Donald Trump’s Cabinet. (AP)

We’ll see if Zinke is correct.


A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey conducted the day after Election Day finds that 47% of Likely U.S. Voters believe it’s likely Trump will be reelected in 2020, up eight points from August. Twenty-nine percent (29%) think it’s more likely that the president will be defeated by the Democratic nominee in 2020, while another 16% feel Trump will be impeached before finishing a full term in the White House. (Rasmussen)

Rasmussen is normally pretty friendly toward Republicans, but I think Trump’s reelection all depends on who runs against him – and how many members of his family and administration are in trouble.


Hate crimes across the United States spiked 17 percent in 2017 — marking a rise for the third straight year — with a 37 percent increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes, according to an FBI report released Tuesday. (AP)

I have no doubt that President Trump’s actions have contributed to the rise in hate crimes.


The U.S. Postal Service on Wednesday reported a financial loss for the 12th straight year, citing declines in mail volume and the costs of its pension and health care obligations, as the agency braces for an upcoming report ordered by President Donald Trump to address its “unsustainable financial path.” (AP)

The USPS needs to do realignment as the military does for bases to close a bunch of Post Offices. They might need to consider privatization to save the postal service. Our elected officials need to step up and try to save the USPS.



Officials have yet to determine the winners in one Senate contest and eight House races — a week and two days after the midterm elections. (Roll Call)

As of Wednesday morning, officials have yet to determine the winners in one Senate contest and nine House races — a week and a day after the midterm elections. (Roll Call)

Once again, the fake news and partisan stories are running wild about the close contests.


My 9-1 Kansas City Chiefs take on the 9-1 Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football this week. ( The game was supposed to be played in Mexico City, but due to poor field conditions, the game was moved to Los Angeles.

This will be a good test for the Chiefs. I hope the game lives up to the hype.


LeBron James passed Wilt Chamberlain — another all-time great who joined the Los Angeles Lakers in the latter stages of his career — for fifth place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list Thursday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. (ESPN)

Michael Jordan was a greater player than LeBron James. Bill Russell may have been better than both. Wilt Chamberlain is another great one. Magic and Bird are in the top ten.



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  1. 5600: Number of troops doing non-combat support work that could be done cheaper by private contractors (according to GOP dogma) in areas where a refugee caravan is still months away, in service of a political stunt, instead of with their families as the holidays approach.

    Rooting for the Chiefs because I’m a Seahawks fan.

    USPS could be saved and profitable if a) they didn’t have to pay accelerated rates towards their benefits package and b) we expanded USPS services to include postal banking.

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