Tuesday’s Quick Hits: Kavanaugh, Anderson, Woods, & Memories.

Thanks to the people that walked into my life and made it better. And thanks to the ones who walked out and made it amazing. — Unknown

Today’s quick hits deal with these important subjects:

  • Kavanaugh on Offense
  • Fred Anderson & Miles City
  • James Woods & Twitter
  • Calendar and Memories

Kavanaugh on Offense:

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, took to the friendly confines of Fox News to go on the offense against the allegations of sexual assault.

Meanwhile, it did not take long to see the Republican talking points come out which basically consisted of them saying over and over the allegations were a “smear campaign.”

Even U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.) used the words “smear campaign” when he appeared on Fox News to promote Kavanaugh.

Do a search on Twitter for “smear campaign” and you’ll see what I mean.

I guess we’ll see on Thursday how this all plays out – if it plays out on Thursday.

CBS News reported Monday night that they would cover the testimony from the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s gonna be a big day. I hope it’s over before Thursday night football comes on.

Basically, it all comes down to four Republican Senators: Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Jeff Flake of Arizona, and Susan Collins of Maine. Corker and Flake are retiring. Collins is up for re-election in 2020, Murkowski in 2022.

Fred Anderson & Miles City:

Montana State Representative Fred Anderson (R-Great Falls) probably did not like the headline from KFBB-TV in Great Falls:

Local lawmaker served as principal during alleged Miles City abuse scandal

KFBB reported:

Allegations of widespread sexual assault in Miles City are starting to raise concerns among some parents in Central Montana.
The principal at the time of the alleged abuse in Custer County later became a principal in Great Falls, and now serves as a state legislator for Cascade County.
Fred Anderson was the principal of Custer County District High School, on and off, from 1982-2002.
James Jensen, the man accused of molesting more than a dozen students, served as an athletic trainer during most of that same time period.

We’ll see if this revelation hurts Anderson at the ballot box this November. His opponent is Democrat Keaton Sunchild, who is 18 years old.

James Woods & Twitter:

Several sources, including CBS News, reported that James Woods has been silent on Twitter, and it’s not by choice. The actor has been locked out of his Twitter account months after he tweeted a hoax meme in July. The tweet was found to be in violation of Twitter’s rules. Woods tweeted a meme that encouraged men not to vote, purportedly created by Democrats.

Good for Twitter.

Voters are not the smartest people. We don’t need someone like Woods, with 1.73 million followers, to give incorrect information about our elections – no matter how dumb it seems.

All Woods needs to do to get his lockout lifted is delete the Tweet. He hasn’t yet because he thinks it’s a free speech thing.

And Finally, There’s This:

Supposedly Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh kept a calendar of his life back in 1982 that he will use as evidence to prove he did not attend a party where he allegedly committed sexual assault.

That got me thinking about my life back in the day. I’m a little bit older than Kavanaugh, and I’m not up for a spot on the Supreme Court.

Although I did not have a calendar, I did have a Senior High School “Memory Book” that I listed some of the things that happened my senior year.

Did I list any parties I attended? Heck Yes.

I did not list the dates, except I guess “graduation night party” would be easy to figure out what the date was for that. I just remember many kegs being unloaded. It lasted for a day or two.

Other noteworthy entries included the “great party at Chuck’s house.” I think a day or two later someone came down from the attic and asked what day it was.

Another party that I thought was noteworthy was at a girl’s house. She will remain unnamed.

There was another one at a friend’s house where I write that I outran the police on his motorcycle. Fun times.

Of course, there were the beer runs to Iowa (from Missouri) because Iowa was an 18 state (meaning you could buy alcohol at 18 years old there). I had a fake ID.

I remember a lot of kegs at the parties I attended and orchestrated – lots of kegs. Even some live bands played at the parties. Plus we barbecued pigs a lot.

So ol’ Brett kept his calendar…but I have real memories.