Tuesday’s Quick Hits: MTSen Poll, Half-Staff, Corn Maze, & TWW Poll

Don’t ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go. – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • A New MTSen poll
  • Half-Staff
  • Battle of Flat-Tops Corn Maze
  • TWW Poll: I-185

The New MTSen Poll:

A National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) poll released recently says their guy, Matt Rosendale, has a two-point lead over incumbent U.S. Senator Jon Tester.

The NRSC would not release the results of the poll unless it showed something good for their guy. He can tell people it’s a close race and rally his base and raise money.

The poll is also good for Tester. He can use it to rally his base and raise money.

See how that works?

I still predict a solid win for Tester – probably with a higher margin than ever before.


President Donald Trump probably figured a dead John McCain could do him no harm, but since Trump was an ass and did not respect the dead patriot, he heard it from all angles.

Suddenly Monday afternoon Trump changed his tune, released a nice statement about McCain, and allowed the flag at the White House to be flown at half-staff until McCain’s burial.

That’s good, but the damage was already done. Trump is even a bigger ass than most people thought.

On another note, thumbs-up to Montana Governor Steve Bullock for issuing a proclamation and ordering all flags to be flown at half-staff until McCain is buried on Sunday. Bullock said in the proclamation that McCain was a hero in war and in Congress.

Battle of Flat-Tops Corn Maze:

If you follow me on Twitter or like The Western Word Facebook page then you probably already know about the Applestem Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch near Vaughn, Montana, having a “Battle of the Flat-Tops” corn maze – Rosendale vs. Tester.

More information about the corn maze can be found HERE.

TWW Poll: I-185:

On the ballot this November in Montana is Initiative 185 (I-185). I-185 will raise tobacco taxes to fund health care programs.

A poll I posted Monday asks, “How will you vote on I-185?”

Click HERE to vote. The poll will remain open until Thursday morning and the results will be posted Thursday or Friday.



7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits: MTSen Poll, Half-Staff, Corn Maze, & TWW Poll

  1. whoever made this deserves a prize because I can’t stop laughing pic.twitter.com/56DdNl5Wvb— Aminatou Sow (@aminatou) August 25, 2018


    And speaking of crooks and conmen:

    “However, Paula Bolyard, the author of the PJ Media post, said that the way she reached her conclusions was “not scientific” and that she had used “two different computers” to test the premise that Google’s algorithm was politically biased against Trump.”


  2. Maybe a dead Senator can do no harm to Trump. But he can be trumped by a dead war hero.

    • Doug – Thanks. I think Tester can carry just enough of the rural vote along with his strong showing in Missoula, GF, Butte, and Billings to easily win. -JmB

  3. The Montana state constitution allows the people to enact laws through initiative. But it says no appropriations in initiatives. No passing an initiative around calling for every resident to get $1000 on their birthday! I 185 has an appropriation in it. Raises taxes and directs spending. Not good. Full disclosure. I am working on campaign to defeat 185 but facts are facts.

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