Children in Cages

Inside an old warehouse in South Texas, hundreds of children wait in a series of cages created by metal fencing. One cage had 20 children inside. Scattered about are bottles of water, bags of chips and large foil sheets intended to serve as blankets.

One teenager told an advocate who visited that she was helping care for a young child she didn’t know because the child’s aunt was somewhere else in the facility. She said she had to show others in her cell how to change the girl’s diaper.Associated Press

Today would be a great day for the Trump Administration to stop separating children from their families at the border.

Over the weekend, more and more people came out against this cruel act being administered by the Trump Administration.

Here is a statement from First Lady Melania Trump:

Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. She believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart.

Former First Lady Laura Bush penned an opinion piece that is in the Washington Post. Here is part of what she wrote:

I live in a border state. I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.

Our government should not be in the business of warehousing children in converted box stores or making plans to place them in tent cities in the desert outside of El Paso. These images are eerily reminiscent of the Japanese American internment camps of World War II, now considered to have been one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history.

Former President, Bill Clinton, tweeted this:

On this Father’s Day I’m thinking of the thousands of children separated from their parents at the border. These children should not be a negotiating tool. And reuniting them with their families would reaffirm America’s belief in & support for all parents who love their children.

The Associated Press reported that the “Family separation policy starts dividing Republicans” even some on the religious right:

The signs of splintering of GOP support come after longtime Trump ally, the Rev. Franklin Graham, called the policy “disgraceful.” Several religious groups, including some conservative ones, have pushed to stop the practice of separating immigrant children from their parents.

Although I normally disagree with Franklin Graham on most issues, he is correct about this one. Hopefully, he will call President Trump and let him know his feelings.


4 thoughts on “Children in Cages

  1. You know who ripped kids away from mothers? Nazis.

    You know who told parents their kids were “showering”? Nazis.

    You know who marked kids arms with numbers? Nazis.

    You know who called immigrants “animals”? Nazis.

    You know who stood at a podium and lied to the press? Nazis.

  2. I sent the following to Sen. Daines and Rep. Gianforte.

    You have many constituents who will feel the injustice in what is happening at the U.S. southern border. But in particular, this action by the Dept of Justice may mobilize those who live on the reservations to vote against Republicans who back the policy of removing children from indigenous mothers. (Indigenous as in Mayan.)

    A.G. Sessions said that children taken from their mothers who are seeking asylum in the U.S. may be housed in military barracks. Could that include the Carlisle Barracks where so many Native American children lived separated from their families? Such an unhappy history to be repeating.

    (I hope everyone will contact their congressmen with their concerns.)

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