The Wednesday Read: Roseanne, MO Governor, & Jets

We believe in God for a brand new Falcon 7X so we can go anywhere in the world, one stop. – Televangelist Jesse Duplantis

Today’s commentary deals with these issues:

  • Roseanne
  • Missouri Governor
  • Televangelist & the Jet

Roseanne Barr:

It’s been interesting to see those on the right coming to Roseanne Barr’s defense after Barr compared Valerie Jarrett, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, to an ape on Twitter. By the way, Jarrett is black.

Barr later apologized, but it was too late. ABC canceled her show. Some stations are canceling the reruns of her old show, too.

In my opinion, ABC did the right thing.

Those on the right were quick to say things like Bill Maher compared Donald Trump to an orangutan and he was not fired.

There’s a big difference – Trump is white.

Then there were tweets and posts on Facebook about how Jimmy Kimmel should be fired and that “The View” should be canceled.

The simple answer for simple people is that Kimmel and the members of “The View” never compared a black person to an ape.

Maybe you don’t like Maher or Kimmel or “The View.” That’s fine. The easiest thing to do is stop watching them. If enough people stop watching them, they will be canceled.

Comparing black people to apes is something that should not be tolerated in our society. Shame on the conservatives for not condemning Barr’s racist comment.

Missouri Governor:

Another one of those “family values” elected officials just resigned. This time it was Republican Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. His resignation takes effect Friday.

The Kansas City Star reported that a woman with whom he had an affair in 2015 alleged that he took a nude photo without her consent to use as blackmail to keep her from talking about their relationship.

The Star also reported:

In March, a House committee investigating Greitens as a precursor to impeachment released a bombshell 25-page report of its findings. The woman with whom Greitens had the affair testified to the committee under oath that in March 2015 he had taped her hands to pull-up rings, blindfolded her, spit water into her mouth, ripped open her shirt, pulled down her pants and taken a photo of her.

Greitens is married and has two children.

Televangelist & the Jet:

In my life, I have supported missionaries who have asked for donations to build schools and churches in far-off lands. I’m always cautious about giving because I want to see my money used in the correct way.

I’ve never had any preacher or “Televangelist” ask me to send them money to buy a bigger jet or even a small jet. Not even a propeller-driven plane. If I had been asked, I would have probably walked out and found a different church.

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis is asking his followers to help him purchase a $54 million Falcon 7X jet to spread the gospel around the world, non-stop. The Washington Post reports that this would be his fourth jet.

Folks like Duplantis give religion a bad name. There are too many churches like this that harm more than help in this world.



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