Tuesday Commentary: Two Campaign Ads

Today I’m taking a closer look at the two competing U.S. Senate campaign ads from Republican challenger Matt Rosendale and Democrat incumbent Jon Tester.

Tester’s ad was posted on YouTube May 8 and is titled, “Jon’s Got Our Back” As of this morning it has 1,257 views.

Rosendale’s ad was posted on YouTube May 13 and is titled, “Stepped In It.” As of this morning, it has 957 views.

Most of the time these ads follow each other on television.

Stepped In It:

Rosendale is in a four-way primary race to take on Tester. Many believe that he will be the winner. By going after Tester in this ad, he’s showing Republican voters that he can take on Tester and not make too many enemies by attacking his fellow Republican opponents.

The ad starts with Rosendale standing in a barnyard saying, “When President Trump passed his tax cut…” Then the ad refers to Nancy Pelosi saying the tax cut was crumbs and shows Tester saying it was “one of the shitiest bills.”

Rosendale then says he’s running for the Senate to replace Jon Tester and that “Montana needs a conservative that’s willing to back the Trump agenda and not kowtow to Nancy Pelosi.”

I wonder if Rosendale forgot that two Montana conservatives (Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Greg Gianforte) are already backing the Trump agenda.

There are a few “issues” I found with the ad. The line, “When President Trump passed his tax cut…” is not factually correct. The Senate and House passed the tax cut. Trump just signed it into law. Someone running for Senate should know this.

As for the line, “kowtow to Nancy Pelosi,” Tester works in the U.S. Senate. Nancy Pelosi is in the U.S. House. It’s a stretch to think she controls what Tester does. We all know that voters are pretty ignorant, so Rosendale must think since Pelosi and Tester are in Washington, he can sell that they hang out together.

The other thing that bothers me in the ad is the twang in Rosendale’s speech and him talking out of the side of his mouth during part of the commercial. It made me think, “He’s not from around these parts.” I heard a rumor that if you play Rosendale’s ad backward you get your pickup and dog back…

Overall I give Matt Rosendale’s ad “Stepped In It” a 5/10.

You can watch the ad HERE.

Jon’s Got Our Back:

U.S. Senator Jon Tester knows that to win his reelection bid in November he will need to do very well with Montana veterans. For this commercial, Tester has assembled several veterans to talk about what he has done to help them. This is one of quite a few ads (so far) about Tester and veterans. Some people are probably wondering if Tester will talk about anything else.

About 12 veterans speak in the campaign ad which starts with, “Veterans across Montana are standing up for Jon Tester” and ends with “Jon’s got our back, so we’ve got his back.” The backdrop is a giant American flag. Many veterans wore hats and shirts that show their branch of service.

It’s pretty impressive that Tester was able to assemble these many veterans. Tester does have a unique spot in the Senate to help veterans. He is a member of the Senate Appropriations Veterans Affairs subcommittee and a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. These two committees do it all the VA and veterans. That also means if the VA is not performing well, then Tester can be held accountable.

The big question, “Is the VA better now than it was 12 years ago when Tester was first elected?” I think the VA needs a thorough housecleaning in every region. It’s great that there are more VA clinics in Montana, but why not make it so veterans can be seen at their local clinic or hospital?

Overall I give Jon Tester’s ad “Jon’s Got Our Back” an 8/10.

You can watch the ad HERE.



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  1. Gotta wonder if the organization represented by a fellow wearing a piss cutter, allows political pins to be worn. I also wonder if anyone has questioned the veracity of whether all those folks in the ad, are really vets. Just saying. But no one wants to know.

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