Tuesday Commentary: Sheriff, Gianforte, Zinke, & Hannity

The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets. – Will Rogers

Happy Tax Day 2018!

Today’s commentary deals with:

  • Cascade County Sheriff
  • Montana At-Large Race
  • Ryan Zinke
  • Sean Hannity

Cascade County Sheriff:

The Great Falls Tribune yesterday reported that law enforcement agencies from both the city and county have endorsed Great Falls Police Detective Jesse Slaughter in the race for Cascade County Sheriff. Slaughter, a Democrat, will face off against Sheriff Bob Edwards and former reserve deputy sheriff George Kynett in the June 5 primary. Cascade County Lt. Bob Rosipal is the lone Republican running for sheriff.

I won’t endorse any candidate, but I do not believe that Edwards deserves reelection due to his actions. I think Edwards needs to get help for his problems, and that he should not be carrying a weapon.

Nonetheless, these are great endorsements for Jesse Slaughter.

Montana At-Large Race:

Mike Dennison of MTN News reported that Republican U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte “out-raised all of the Democrats combined during the first three months of this year, taking in a net $719,000.” There are six Democrats running in the primary to take on Gianforte.

It was also reported that Gianforte still has $947,000 in his campaign account. Read the whole report from Dennison HERE.

That’s an impressive haul for Gianforte. It does not look like he has needed to spend any of his own money, yet.

This is one of those races where I don’t think fundraising will be the main reason a candidate wins or loses. The winner of the Democrat primary will need to refresh the memory of Montana voters about Gianforte’s assault on the reporter during his last campaign. There may be enough people turned off by Gianforte’s actions that the Democrat can win. There’s also a possibility that Gianforte is using this seat as a stepping stone for another seat, like Governor. That turns voters, like me, off.

At this time, I say the Montana At-Large House race leans Republican.

Ryan Zinke:

The Department of Interior Inspector General report about the travels of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has a little information that is good for both friends and enemies of Zinke.

Those who dislike Zinke will enjoy the part about $12,000 charter flight. The Associated Press (AP) reported:

A $12,000 charter flight by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was reviewed and approved by department ethics officials without complete information, because staffers who helped schedule the trip did not provide sufficient details. 

The AP also reported:

Two other charter flights taken by Zinke, in Alaska and the U.S. Virgin Islands, “appeared to have been reasonable as related to official DOI business.”

Somebody close to Zinke needs to reel him in a notch or two. They need to look outside the box and ask how the actions that might be taken by Secretary Zinke would look to voters.

Read the full report from the Associated Press HERE.

Sean Hannity:

Reuters yesterday reported that U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer was forced on Monday to reveal in a New York federal court that Fox News personality Sean Hannity, one of Trump’s most ardent defenders, was also on his client list.

It was also reported that Hannity, 56, said he had never paid for Cohen’s services or been represented by him, but had sought confidential legal advice from him.

Hannity should have disclosed his relationship with Trump’s attorney.

The Trump Presidency is run by Fox & Friends and Sean Hannity…