Tuesday Commentary: SOTU, Approval Ratings, & Yellowstone GOP

I have found–as I am sure you have, in your travels–that people everywhere, in spite of occasional disappointments, look to us–not to our wealth or power, but to the splendor of our ideals. – President John F. Kennedy, Jan. 11, 1962 (SOTU)

Today’s commentary deals with:

  • State of the Union (SOTU)
  • SOTU & Twitter
  • Trump Approval by State
  • Yellowstone County GOP

State of the Union (SOTU):

He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient… –Article II, Section 3, United States Constitution.

I always look forward to the SOTU address – no matter who is giving it.

The White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, already said the SOTU tonight will be “must-see TV.” She also said the SOTU is “incredible.” I can already hear President Trump say this was the most watched SOTU speech in history (or something like that.)

Since we know all that, is there any reason to watch it? Of course, there is! We never know when Trump may go “off-script” and yell at someone, or someone will shout, “You lie” from the audience.

There are a number of Democrats who said they are “boycotting” the SOTU address. Anytime a member of Congress boycotts the SOTU address, no matter which party, this is pure pettiness. They should be adults and show up.

For more information about the SOTU addresses, check out The American Presidency Project HERE. Great information!

SOTU & Twitter:

Follow me on Twitter (@TheWesternWord), as I will be tweeting during President Trump’s SOTU address tonight. Not all the tweets will be serious.

On Wednesday I will post my thoughts about the speech right here!

Trump Approval by State:

Gallup Polling reported that President Donald Trump’s job approval rating averaged 38% throughout the U.S. in 2017, but at the state level it ranged from a high of 61% in West Virginia to a low of 26% in Vermont.

Here in Montana, Trump’s approval rating for 2017 was 52% approve and 45% disapprove. In Missouri, it was 47/48.

Yellowstone County GOP:

The Yellowstone County (Billings) Republican Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner will have former Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., as the keynote speaker.

The Billings Gazette article described Clarke this way:

Clarke, a popular conservative commentator, has faced criticism and legal action for deaths and alleged mistreatment of inmates while he managed a Wisconsin jail and recently had access to his Twitter account suspended for posting messages calling for violence against the media.

Clarke is not who I would have chosen and he does not excite me enough to want to attend. This choice somewhat proves how far to the right the Montana Republicans have gone.

The event will be held Friday, March 9. Tickets are $25 – $1000. More information can be found HERE.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Commentary: SOTU, Approval Ratings, & Yellowstone GOP

  1. On a lighter note. The Beacon had a SB LII poll whose percentages were the opposite of your poll. 76- Phil 24-NE. Whodathunk?

  2. tRump tallied over 2,000 years for 2017, averaging over 6 per day. How many can he pack into the SOTU? Don’t drink when he hear him lie tonight as your drinking game. You’ll die of alcohol poisoning.

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