Monday’s Quick Hits: Fagg, Zinke, & Moron

Truth makes many appeals, not the least of which is its power to shock. – Jules Renard

Today’s quick hits deal with:

  • The Russell Fagg Announcement
  • Zinke’s Flag
  • Moron

Fagg Announces:

Former Montana District Court Judge Russell Fagg announced that he was running for United States Senate on Saturday. He is running as a Republican. That’s the seat currently occupied by Democrat U.S. Senator Jon Tester.

Fagg’s hometown newspaper, the Billings Gazette, called the announcement “one of the worst-kept secrets in Montana politics.” Some Republicans I know hope Fagg runs his campaign better than he did when planning his announcement.

I noticed that it looks like Fagg may have the support of some of the old establishment Republicans. The Gazette reported:

He also touted the endorsements he said he had received, naming former Governors Marc Racicot, Judy Martz and Stan Stephens among his supporters, in addition to former U.S. Representatives Rick Hill and Denny Rehberg.

It looks like the Montana Republicans now have five candidates. There will probably be more. First of all (and to be realistic) none of them have much of chance against Tester. If they want to be competitive, two or three of these candidates should drop out before the primary ballots are printed.

As I have said many times, I think this race leans Safe Democrat. Tester has plenty of money and he has managed to get some of his bills signed into law. He is the senior member of the Montana delegation and has a little seniority in the senate. A third term would give Tester even more seniority and that means he can get more done for Montana.

Zinke’s Flag:

There have been quite a few articles about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke flying a flag when he is inside the Interior Department building in Washington, D.C.

The Boston Globe did a story about Zinke and his flag and reports that other civilian officials down to assistant department secretaries and diplomats have their own flags, but they’re typically not flown in public.

The Secretary of State has a flag that is actually flown outside the State Department.

The Globe points out that the Assistant Secretary of Transportation and the Deputy Secretary of Transportation even have their own flags. No, they don’t have a car, truck, train, and airplane on them.

It looks like Zinke taught us a little history about our Federal government. That is a good thing.


The big question is did Secretary of State Rex Tillerson call President Donald J. Trump a “moron.” Tillerson says he won’t engage in “petty stuff” and he won’t answer the question.

Since he won’t answer, the answer must be yes. He must have called Trump a moron in front of several people so there are witnesses.

I checked my posts here at The Western Word over the years for the word “moron.”


I like the word “moron.” I’ve used it at least 26 times. There are 3,304 columns posted here at The Western Word (since January 2005) so that equals about 0.7%.

I’ve used the word “moron” several times. I used them to describe people and organizations and government officials. I’ve said there are morons on both sides of the political aisle (I’m independent so I can say that). I’ve written that people working at the courthouse acted like morons when I was there for jury duty. The Montana Legislature has felt my wrath. Often.

So I am OK with using the word “moron” to describe people…