Monday’s Quick Hits

The opinion which other people have of you is their problem, not yours. – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Today’s quick hits deal with:

  • Quist Campaign Signs
  • Gianforte’s Loan
  • Pence on a Horse
  • Game 7

Outrage about Nothing:

One of the writers at the E-City Beat blog posted a story in which they were outraged about Rob Quist signs being displayed on property owned by the Great Falls Public Schools saying signs posted at the Paris Gibson Square were “In clear violations of the law.” They also contended, “Great Falls Public Schools — is putting its fingers on the scale for Democrat Rob Quist.”

Several commentators said they should be removed and one said someone should “stop by and pull ’em out.”


Even KRTV which is “powered by MTN News” picked up the story.

They all found out the Quist campaign had rented space at Paris Gibson Square for a campaign event. The signs would only be there for the event and then removed.

I’ve seen campaign signs placed on city property when there was a debate at the civic center, and I’ve seen campaign signs placed at CMR High School when a debate was held there. I’m sure there have been campaign events at other places around town, like at the fairgrounds, which is owned by the county.

Nonetheless, we can all relax now. The nightmare is over…

Oops, He Did It Again:

According to House races reporter Ally Mutnick, U.S. House candidate Greg Gianforte loaned his campaign $1,000,000. The FEC report can be viewed HERE.

A million here and a million there…

The Headline:

Here is the headline the Associated Press used about Vice President Mike Pence coming to Montana:

Pence rides horse around Montana coal mine, leads GOP rally

To all the folks back east, we also have a few automobiles in Montana. The Pony Express does not deliver our mail, either.

This is just a guess, but when Bernie Sanders comes to Montana later this week to campaign for Rob Quist, I don’t think he will ride a horse…

Game 7:

The Washington Wizards head to Boston to take on the Celtics in a Game 7 matchup tonight! It’s the eastern conference semifinals. The game will be televised on TNT. It begins at 6:00 p.m. MDT. (ESPN)

Go Celtics!



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