The Sunday Message

First, I tell you to pray for all people, asking God for what they need and being thankful to him. Pray for rulers and for all who have authority so that we can have quiet and peaceful lives full of worship and respect for God. ¬1 Timothy 2:1-2 (NCV)

This Friday (Jan. 20) at noon eastern time, Donald J. Trump will become our newest President of the United States. Whether you voted for him or someone else, we all should want him to do well as our leader. We should pray for him and those he appoints to do well, too.

We should also thank President Barack Obama and his family and staff for their work and sacrifices over the past eight years.

There will be things we like and things we don’t like about our new President and other elected leaders. That’s what makes our country great – and guess what? Every few years we, as citizens, get to pick who we want to lead us.

So join me this Friday and pray for our new President. Pray that he makes the right decisions and pray for his safety and that of his family.

## END ##


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