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Expect problems and eat them for breakfast. – Alfred A. Montapert

Today I take a look at State Government emails, guns in checked baggage, Make Russia Great Again, Residential Snowplowing, National Championship poll results, and much more!

State Government Email:

On Sunday Lee Newspapers devoted over 2000 words to a story telling readers that dozens of Montana legislators, the governor and several top staff members often use personal email accounts to discuss government business. You can read the whole story HERE.

The legislature needs to address this problem this session. It should be against the rules to have your private email listed on a state government website – especially if it is a campaign email. Reporters and bloggers and anyone else who follows the Montana Legislature should publicize the name of any elected official who uses private email for their official state business.

The sad thing about this whole email mess is that these elected officials and their staffers who use private email to conduct government business should know this is wrong. This information belongs to the public.

Guns in Checked Baggage:

The New York Times takes a look at a new issue in airline/airport security – guns in checked baggage. It was reported that the gunman in the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting retrieved his gun from the checked baggage area and started shooting people.

Although it’s pretty routine for people, like hunters, to transport their guns this way, this latest shooting has raised some security issues that probably won’t go away.

Check out the NY Times story HERE then tell me what you think.

Make Russia Great Again:

You can never really delete a tweet, OK?

I’ve never really cared for Fox News host Sean Hannity, so I thought it was funny that he deleted a tweet that said, “Make Russia Great Again.” Read the whole story HERE.

Fox News host Sean Hannity said Sunday that his positive retweet of a message that said “Make Russia Great Again” was a mistake.

Hannity originally wrote, “Amen!!” with a link to a tweet that said, “YES! All Americans must join together to MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN. Teamwork!!”

Maybe President-elect Donald Trump and his well-known supporters like Sean Hannity really are making Russia great again…

Residential Snowplowing:

In the Great Falls Tribune editorial board’s “The Edge” column on Saturday they mentioned the city of Billings cut residential snowplowing out of the city’s budget and saved $425,000. In December about 30 inches of snow fell on Billings “paralyzing drivers.”

The editorial board then warned the city of Great Falls to “keep this scenario in mind the next time the budget process comes around.”

If most Great Falls residents are like me, they have not seen “residential” snowplowing in years. Many residential streets (not to mention sidewalks) in Great Falls are like a two-lane bobsled course after a few inches of snow.

Alabama or Clemson:

I asked readers on Friday which team they thought would win the College Football Playoff National Championship, Alabama or Clemson? The game is tonight!

Here are the results:

Alabama: 62%
Clemson: 38%

Thanks for participating!


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    • Doug – Haha.

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