The Wednesday Read: Election Bloodbath

In the state of Montana, the Republicans almost wiped out the Democrats in statewide races. It was a bloodbath.

It all started with Democrat U.S. House candidate Denise Juneau losing to incumbent Republican Ryan Zinke. I never actually thought that race would be close. It wasn’t.

There are still votes to be counted because for some reason election after election it seems the Montana election officials have problems election night counting the votes. I checked some national maps at 6:30 a.m. and states like Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, and Utah all had 99% of their votes counted. Montana had 90% at that time (78% of precincts reporting).

So we wait, and wait, and wait.

I call on the new Secretary of State, Corey Stapleton, to fix this embarrassing problem.

At this time, incumbent Governor Steve Bullock is the only statewide Democrat candidate who is hanging on. If he wins another term, he will be the only thing keeping the Republican-controlled state House and Senate from running wild during the next legislative session. I picked Bullock to win.

Corey Stapleton will be the next Secretary of State. He is easily beating Monica Lindeen. I picked Stapleton to win.

Tim Fox handily beat Larry Jent in the Attorney General’s race. I picked Fox to win.

Jesse Laslovich lost to Matt Rosendale for State Auditor. I thought Laslovich would win.

Melissa Romano is losing to Elsie Arntzen for Superintendent of Public Instruction. I picked Arntzen because Romano was not as well-known.

If all this stays this way, the Republicans will control the state land board, which is a big deal because someone told me the board deals with…state land.

It looks like there will be several job openings in Helena on the staff of the new Republican statewide officeholders.

I really have to applaud the Montana GOP for the work they did in 2016. They put forth some candidates who were pretty well-known and that helped them be successful.

Montana Supreme Court:

The race for Montana Supreme Court Justice #3 was a snoozer. Dirk Sandefur is winning the contest easily over Kristen Juras. I thought Juras would win, but I was wrong big time. Congratulations to Judge Sandefur.

Maybe the 2017 legislature can change the way judges are elected in Montana. It’s terrible to have judges prostitute themselves like politicians.

Montana’s Four Ballot Initiatives:

If you are wondering about Montana’s four ballot initiatives, here is how they stand:

  • CI-116 (Crime Victims’ Rights) – is winning. I urged readers to vote yes
  • I-177 (Trapping) – the “No” votes are winning. That’s what I picked.
  • I-181 (Medical Research) – is losing. I urged people to vote yes
  • I-182 (Medical Marijuana) – is winning. I urged voters to vote yes. By approving I-182 it was like a slap across the face of the legislature.

Thanks to all the folks who followed me on Twitter and Facebook during the election returns. Was this fun or what?

To see all the Montana election returns, click HERE.


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2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read: Election Bloodbath

  1. I don’t always agree with you but for perhaps the 1st time I vehemently disagree with you. CI116 the so called Marsy’s Law is atrocious.

    I fully expect a legal challenge to this poorly written, feel good, legislation. Specifically the section that refers to bail.

    More concerning however, besides the funding, is the stress it is going to put upon various groups (Parole and Probation, Courts and staff, DOC, Mt. prisons to name a few) who are already terribly understaffed and/or underfunded.

    This won’t be pretty.

    • Rick – Thanks for the information. I sure hope it does not put too much stress on the different groups/agencies. If they have a legal challenge that might end up being helpful to set the record straight about the law. I guess we’ll wait and see. Thanks again, -JmB

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