The Wednesday Read: Guns, Land, and Bloggers

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Today the following items caught my attention:

  • Gianforte & 2nd Amendment
  • Montana Political Bloggers
  • New Denise Juneau Ad
  • New Ryan Zinke Ad

Gianforte & 2nd Amendment:

Often in political campaigns, the best plans don’t always work out. That’s not the case for the Republican candidate for Montana Governor, Greg Gianforte. His team planned an event Tuesday with several 2nd Amendment groups in Helena at the Helena Trap Club.

The event was to show that Gianforte has been endorsed by the Montana Shooting Sports Association, the Gun Owners of America, and the National Rifle Association.

Those groups pretty much represent all the pro-gun folks in Montana.

On the local news in Great Falls Tuesday evening at 5:30, the event was the second story. The Great Falls Tribune has a story about it.

Maybe you don’t agree with Gianforte and his views on guns and the Second Amendment, but this was a win for him and his team.

Montana Political Bloggers:

In case you missed it, MTN News reporter Mike Dennison did a story about Montana’s political bloggers. Major Montana blogs like the Montana Cowgirl, Intelligent Discontent, Flathead Memo, and were mentioned.

The Western Word was also included in the print story. You can read all about Montana political bloggers HERE.

Thanks to Mike Dennison for the interview!

Note to reporters I am always available to give my two cents about political, military, and veterans issues. Email me at

New Denise Juneau Ad:

Democrat candidate for U.S. House Denise Juneau released a new 30-second ad this week called “Clearly.” The ad is in response the public lands issue that has been talked about during this campaign season.

Juneau states very “clearly” that she will never vote to transfer or sell-off America’s public lands. She said that protecting public lands is crystal clear to her.

The scenery in the ad is spectacular. If we have to watch a ton of campaign ads this season we might as well see some beautiful scenery!

I give the Juneau ad “Clearly” a nine out ten (9/10). You can view the ad HERE.

New Ryan Zinke Ad:

The second campaign ad for Republican Ryan Zinke’s U.S. House reelection campaign can probably best be described as a hit piece on his main opponent, Democrat Denise Juneau.

The 30-second Zinke ad called “Bang” hits Juneau on gun control saying, “Denise Juneau supports more gun control” and “She wants to keep some guns from law abiding Montanans.”

The ad closes with this interesting statement: “Vote Juneau for more gun control, or Ryan Zinke for the Second Amendment.”

I’ll give the Zinke ad “Bang” a seven out of ten (7/10). You can view the ad HERE

Juneau will need to respond to this ad.

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2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read: Guns, Land, and Bloggers

  1. A few things…
    1. I would have preferred Mike Dennison would have featured your blog on TV rather than MT Cowgirl, which is the meanest blog out there. It, MT Cowgirl, is anybody’s thoughts without regard to truth. You, for your blog, hunt up facts to work with, which I appreciate, even though I don’t always agree with your personal “thoughts”.
    2. I find, sadly after 8 years of government service, that the only thing that Juneau can find out there to make herself look good enough for the job is based on her lie. She still infers that Zinke would give away public lands, which is not the case. The ad is based on a lie…therefore I give it a 2, because like you, I enjoyed the scenery.
    3. Zinke needs to clean up his ads and communicate better…also, I like color!

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