MT Politics 2016: Medicaid, the Plane, Hooked, & Slideshow

Some of the topics I will be writing about today include Medicaid expansion in Montana, Governor Steve Bullock and the state plane, Greg Gianforte and the “Hooked,” campaign ad, and the Gianforte family “Slideshow” campaign ad.

There’s a lot more – so read on…

Medicaid Expansion/Affordable Care Act:

Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica J. Lindeen announced that approximately 92.6 percent of Montanans had health coverage as of May 2016 for an uninsured rate of about 7.4 percent. That’s down from 20 percent in 2013.

That is great news. The Medicaid expansion in Montana called “The Help Act,” is working and that’s because Democrats and Republicans in the Montana Legislature worked together.

An annual enrollment survey shows approximately 957,000 Montanans have health coverage and 76,000 do not.

Just imagine if Democrats and Republicans in Washington, D.C., worked together to make the Affordable Care Act better for all.

These are pretty good numbers for Montana, but they can be better. We hear candidates and elected officials talk about the cost of healthcare. There’s an easy solution: pull a chair up to the table and work together to fix the problem.

Read the press release HERE. Read the Associated Press story HERE.

Bullock & the Plane:

A radio station in Missoula (KGVO) has been asking questions about Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s use of the state plane to attend the Paul McCartney concert in Missoula back 2014.

I know, I know, plane-gate is probably making you yawn, but please read on…

You can read the whole story about the trip and the explanation from the Governor’s spokesperson HERE.

With Bullock using the state plane to see Sir Paul McCartney, I am hoping that Bullock likes REO Speedwagon, Def Leppard, and Tesla. They will be in Billings September 14. Since I am the Montana’s number one REO fan, I am hoping Bullock will fly to Great Falls, pick me up, and then take me to the concert and give me a ride home. He can schedule some trivial official meetings in Great Falls and Billings to make it look “official.”

I promise I will buy the first round of drinks at the concert! We can sing, “Time for Me to Fly” during the trip…

Gianforte & “Hooked”

Just as Governor Steve Bullock has some problems making “plane-gate” go away, his opponent, Republican Greg Gianforte is having problems making his stream access problem go away.

Now there’s a new ad called “Hooked” that hits Gianforte pretty hard about the stream access issue. The ad is from a group called, “Good Jobs Montana” and lists Scott McCulloch as treasurer with a Billings address. I believe this is their third ad this season. The ad was posted on YouTube July 8.

One new thing is they called him “Jersey Gianforte” in the ad, which is clever. Knowing how Democrats operate, they probably paid someone a few thousand dollars to come up with the name.

If you haven’t seen the ad, you can watch the 30-second “Hooked” ad by clicking HERE.

Gianforte’s “Slideshow”

The Gianforte campaign released a new ad called “Slideshow” which is kind of an introductory ad about Gianforte and his family. It was posted on YouTube July 12.

I like the ad. I think it’s always nice to show your family in ads unless you’re someone like Donald Trump or Newt Gingrich who have a half-dozen marriages between them – then it could get confusing.

I think this ad should have been aired earlier before people turned their attention toward getting out of the house and away from television for the summer (and from reading blogs).

You can watch 30-second ad “Slideshow” by clicking HERE.


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  1. The plane: He can just say he is stopping in to see a Veteran in GF. Case closed!

    The plane is the Republicans counter to Gianforte’s water access lawsuit. Both are meaningless…but great talking points.

    • Barry – Thanks. I had not thought of that. Good advice! -JmB

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