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Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases. – John Adams

Welcome to the big show to end the week – “Caught My Eye” (CME).

If you are a first-time visitor, CME is posted right here every Friday morning. In fact, this is the 288th CME of all time! This is when I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. I often throw in a touch of sarcasm to make you smile – or to irritate you just a little – maybe both.

Topics that caught my eye this week include Montana Supreme Court Justice #3 candidate Kristen Juras, the U.S. Postal Service in Great Falls, the 11th GOP Debate, Romney vs. Trump, plus a lot more!


Supreme Court Justice #3 candidate Kristen Juras…

Over at The Western Word’s (TWW) Facebook page, I “Like” several candidates for state and national office. When I “Like” them they appear on the TWW’s Facebook page and it makes it easier for readers (and me) to quickly find a candidate’s information.

By the way, click HERE and like TWW’s Facebook page.

This week I was adding candidates to my page and saw that Supreme Court Justice #3 candidate Kristen Juras had filed for office, so I found her Facebook page and clicked like. A few minutes later I received a message from her thanking me.

Out of 40 or so pages I have liked belonging to state and national candidates, political parties, Kristen Juras was the first to thank me. So I am impressed….

Not Impressed:

The U.S. Postal Service in Great Falls…

There are a few places in Great Falls (MT) where a person can submit their paperwork to apply for a passport. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) at 215 1st Avenue North in Great Falls is one of those places. They inform you via their website: An appointment to apply for a passport is required for this Post Office™ location. Call 406-771-2160 for an appointment.

The thing that did not impress me with the USPS in Great Falls is they don’t answer their freaking phones so customers can make the appointment. They never answered it for two straight days! All day! Morning! Noon! Afternoon! They never answered that phone number or any other numbers we tried, either. One could not leave a message.

We were able to get the application sent in from some other location.

Elected officials are always coming to bat for the USPS. With service like my family received, no wonder they are hemorrhaging money.

The 11th GOP Debate:

Fox News Channel debate moderators Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace lost control of the debate quickly. I tweeted during the debate that pro wrestling was now being shown on the Fox News Channel. Someone else on Twitter showed a dumpster fire and said it was a live look at the GOP debate.

Overall, nothing much changed from the 11th GOP debate.

Just when you think the sleaziness from the GOP candidates could not dip any lower, we had a penis size reference during the debate. Marco Rubio talked the size of Donald Trump’s hands and made a comparison that since Trump’s hands were small, something else must be small. Trump assured viewers there was no problem. The Washington Post has the story HERE.

Ohio Governor John Kasich was the adult in the room. He was the only candidate to act presidential.

This morning with over 255,000 votes cast, the Drudge poll has Donald Trump winning the debate with 60% of the vote. Ted Cruz was second and Kasich was third. Marco Rubio was last.

Trump also controlled social media during the debate – and most of the day.

I tweeted last night that Rubio should probably start telling his campaign staff to look for other work. He is toast. There’s even a story floating around the internet that says, “Fox News employees and guests have been instructed to stop giving the freshman senator favorable coverage.” Read it HERE. Rubio is the U.S. Senator from Florida, and he is losing to Trump in most Florida polls. The latest Florida poll has Trump up by 20 points over Rubio.

A lot of elite class Republicans from Montana, like U.S. Senator Steve Daines, are supporting Rubio. Moderate and independent Montanans should be concerned about Daines’ judgment for endorsing such a terrible candidate.

The most interesting part of the debate was that Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich said that if Trump was the Republican nominee, they would support him.

The Associated Press fact check of the debate can be viewed HERE.

The Washington Post fact check of the debate can be viewed HERE.

The Trump movement rolls on…

Romney vs. Trump:

It was a classic case of what is wrong with the Republican Party of 2016 – someone thinks a Republican candidate is not pure enough to run as a Republican. Mitt Romney gave a speech about leading Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump not being a viable candidate for the Republicans. Romney called Trump a “fraud” and a “con man” and “phony,” and “fake.”

An hour or so later, Trump basically &%$@&-slapped Romney.

Trump endorsed Romney in 2012. Romney was giddy when he received Trump’s endorsement. See the video HERE.

Trump said in his rebuttal speech from Portland, Maine, that Romney “was begging for my endorsement.” Then Trump added, “I could’ve said, ‘Mitt, drop to your knees.’ He was begging me.”

Trump recently won Massachusetts (the state where Romney was the former governor) by about 50,000 more votes than Romney received in 2012. Romney went after Trump on releasing his tax returns, but Romney did not release his tax returns until September 2012 – about 60 days before the 2012 General Election.

Trump controlled the media all day. His 40-45 minute speech was covered by all three major cable news channels.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party continues to implode. Even former Republican Congressman Allen West came out against Romney, writing, “The GOP elite class, the establishment, is playing with fire with this seemingly highbrow patrician class appeal to our ‘senses.’” He then added this:

It would be best if the GOP elites just allow the will of the people to evidence itself in this primary. Instead we see their desperation. What the GOP establishment fails to comprehend is their failure to adhere to conservative principles created Donald J. Trump.

I just have to ask, is Mitt Romney concerned about the future of our Constitutional Republic, or maintaining the power of the crony corporate capitalists?

Overall, Trump probably picked up a few points in the polls after Romney’s attack.

One More Thing:

I dedicate this video and song to Donald Trump and Mitt Romney…

“Bad Blood”

‘Cause, baby, now we got bad blood
You know it used to be mad love
So take a look what you’ve done
‘Cause, baby, now we got bad blood
Now we got problems
And I don’t think we can solve them
You made a really deep cut
And, baby, now we got bad blood
-“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift


## END ##

5 thoughts on “Caught My Eye…

  1. Oh, and I downloaded the application from the State Department website. Made the process a bit more efficient.

  2. I had the same result when I called for an appointment, so I went down there. Nobody at the window … I went to the USPS counter and asked about it. Postal employees answer the phone – except not very often. Postal employees service the window and take the application and your money – whenever you go to the counter and let them know you are there.

    Crappy information/customer service.

    • James. – Thanks. We went to the Clerk of Court and was in/out in five minutes. We already had the application completed and photo taken, but we wasted time because of the USPS. -JmB

  3. We all know that Democracy doesn’t exist in America. Corporations tell the news agencies they control what they can see. That memo shows that quite clearly. Never forget that every reporter in America is paid solely because corporations choose to advertise with their news agency. I doubt subscriptions could cover all the bills.

    I’m not surprised by Daines. Look at his last C-5 campaign finance report. He’s bought and sold more than our Montana cattle. He has about as much power as Tester – none. Congress signed its power away to the foreign bankers long ago. They have no treaty or trade power, none. We need to recognize this. We need to do something about it.

    West is right – support Trump. But the insides and cronies and moneymen that really control things don’t like that idea – they’d be out of a job.

    So it should be amazingly clear who to support – Trump. Anyone that can scare the establishment that much is someone you want. He might even be able to take down Rockefeller and Kissinger in that small window between November and January 20. If he can do that, wow, we might get this country back.

    Yes, there is still hope.

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