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People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. – Isaac Asimov

Welcome to Wednesday! Today is another one of those days in which there are several major stories out there that I want to comment about – so it’s another “Political Odds & Ends” day!

Here are today’s topics:

  • MT House District 19
  • Champ Edmunds
  • Obama’s Budget
  • Montana AFL-CIO
  • Montana Democrats
  • New Hampshire

Montana House District 19:

Let’s get ready to rumble!

It looks like we are going to have a primary election battle between ultra-conservatives in Montana House District (HD) 19. HD 19 is on the west side of Great Falls.

The seat is currently held by Randy Pinocci, who recently filed for reelection. Prior to that Wendy McKamey who currently represents HD 23, filed to run in HD 19 because that is where she lives.

I live in HD 23. I was not impressed with McKamey’s extreme wackiness in the last session of the Montana Legislature. Pinocci had his own problems in the last legislative session, as well. You can Google his name for details or search this website.

Hopefully, a good moderate Republican or Democrat will run in HD 23. If a good moderate runs, then I won’t have to write in my Beagle…

Champ Edmunds:

You’ve got to feel bad for Republican Champ Edmunds.

OK, you don’t, but you should just a little.

It seems just about every time Edmunds announces that he’s a candidate for some statewide office, some rich transplanted Republican comes along and decides to run for the same seat.

The same thing recently happened to Republican Brad Johnson, who was running for Governor until millionaire Greg Gianforte came along and stole the show.

This time Edmunds had announced that was running for Montana State Auditor, but decided to withdraw after Republican millionaire Matt Rosendale from Glendive decided to run for the same office. Rosendale was born in Maryland. Before that, Edmunds ran for U.S Senate and lost in the 2014 primary to millionaire Steve Daines. Daines was born in California.

One thing that stands out is the leaders/insiders of the Montana GOP must feel that the rich can represent the party better than the blue collar folks.

It seems there’s a pattern developing here – and it’s not a good pattern.

Obama’s Budget:

Quick question – Guess which members of the Montana Congressional delegation did not like President Barack Obama’s proposed budget?


If you guessed Republican U.S. Senator Steve Daines and Republican U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke you would win a prize, if there was a prize, but there’s not. All we get is more gridlock in Washington, D.C.

Daines had this to say:

President Obama’s budget is full of the same failed policies that has led our country down a path of reckless bloated spending, burdensome regulations and higher taxes. This is President Obama’s eighth consecutive unbalanced budget that only serves to bolster his liberal agenda instead of lifting up hardworking American families.

I wonder how many consecutive unbalanced budgets George W. Bush had…

Zinke had this to say:

There is nothing about this document that could in any way be defined as a ‘budget.’ The president’s last budget proposal is as much of a failure as last seven. It breaks spending caps, raises taxes, burdens farms, ranches and small business with more regulations, and never ever balances, only adds more debt for our children to pay off. There’s a whole lot of money spent on a whole lot of nothing.

Maybe Zinke missed the part of the budget that includes a request by U.S. Senator Jon Tester for a $14.6 million missile maintenance dispatch facility at Malmstrom AFB. That seems like something and not a whole lot of nothing…

At least Daines and Zinke can use the Obama budget proposal to raise campaign funds.

As for the lone Democrat from the Montana delegation, U.S. Senator Jon Tester had this to say:

We can’t keep swiping the credit card of the next generation. Balancing the federal budget is hard work, but if we want to hand over the world’s number one economy to our kids and grandkids, we have to work together and make tough choices.

The key thing with Daines, Zinke, and Tester is they do not want to make the tough choices needed to balance the budget because they might not get reelected.

America needs a hero…

Montana AFL-CIO Announces Endorsements:

It seems a little early, but according to a press release from my friends at the Montana AFL-CIO, they have endorsed Governor Steve Bullock for re-election; Attorney General Tim Fox for re-election; Jesse Laslovich for State Auditor; Melissa Romano for Superintendent of Public Instruction; and State Auditor Monica Lindeen for Secretary of State.

All are Democrats, except Fox. The Montana AFL-CIO represents 35 unions, 500 locals, and 50,000 working Montanans and their families.

Montana Democrats:

The Montana Democrats announced that United States Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin will be the keynote speaker for the 38th Annual Mansfield Metcalf Dinner on March 19.

The Montana Cowgirl blog thinks that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders should come to Montana to speak at the Mansfield Metcalf Dinner. Read the Cowgirl column about it HERE.

That would be pretty cool.

New Hampshire:

As soon as voting closed in New Hampshire last night which was at 6:00 p.m. Mountain time, all the cable news channels declared Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump the winners. It was not even close. Trump had 35% of the vote, which was more than double what second place had. Sanders had 60% and Hillary Clinton had 38%.

The only thing left after that was to see who finished second and third on the Republican side.

It was a pleasant surprise that Ohio Governor John Kasich finished second with 16%. I like Kasich. If he is the Republican’s pick for President, I would not have a problem with that. He seems more willing to work together than others. He has more experience than others.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz finished third with 12%. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was a very close fourth with 11%. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio finished fifth with 11% and gave a nice fifth-place victory speech. Rubio was hurt in the last debate, and he may not recover.

The next three were Christie, Fiorina, and Carson. They should all consider dropping out.

See the results from CNN HERE.


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  1. I always get a kick that this is an Unverified account.

    I’ll link instead of trying to C&P the tweet itself. I don’t want to bork your website.

    • Doug – I think I follow God on Twitter…

  2. Lots to think about think about in this post. Let’s start with New Hampshire:

    When is Hillary going to drop out?

    It’s a viable question, and if the corporate media wasn’t slobbering all over itself to get her campaign money in the form of advertising, they’d be talking about that.

    She’s lost twice now, as we know Iowa had serious voting irregularities and possible fraud. Even if you want to say she won…won what? It’s clear an overwhelming number of Democrats do not want her.

    As to the GOP, it’s clear Trump is the man. I find it interesting that we all ignore the elephant in the room. I’d happily vote for Trump or Bernie, but if it’s anyone else I’ll probably go third-party this year.

    I’ve been wondering…where are we getting this 50,000 AFL-CIO member number? When I reported on it Montana only has 52,000 union workers in total, so I guess MEA-MFT suddenly lost a lot of members.

    Does Eric Feaver know that? Or is the reporting we saw from major news sources just complete baloney? With incompetent Bob Funk running communications, I’d say yes.

    I pegged Montana’s AFL-CIO at 34,000 back in June. We know MEA-MFT has at least 18,000. So I have to wonder…why are we getting terrible reporting, and from otherwise credible people? (Wasn’t Dennison one that went with those baloney numbers?)

    Good analysis on the GOPers from out of state trying to take over. If you put that in an infographic map it’d really drive the point home. Smart Democrats would do that and share it heavily on social media, starting now.

    AFL-CIO numbers for Montana:

    • Greg – As always good stuff. Thanks for your insight. -JmB

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