Monday’s Odds & Ends

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. – Robin Williams

Hello Monday! We are starting the last week of January, so hang in there! We’re just a week away from the Iowa Caucus!

It’s time for another odds and ends edition from the past weekend! When there are several stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into one column and call it “Potpourri” or “Odds & Ends” or something catchy to get your attention.

Today’s topics include:

  • Gianforte Kickoff
  • Conrad Burns
  • National Review
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Super Bowl 50
  • Snow Totals in Washington, D.C.

Gianforte Kickoff:

I got a kick out of the story featured prominently in the Billings Gazette about the location of Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte’s campaign kickoff. The kickoff was held at a Montana Peterbilt repair shop in Lockwood which is a suburb of Billings in Yellowstone County.

Tom Lutey of the Gazette reported this:

Montana Peterbilt gets is share of political appearances for one reason: Kevin and John Gustainis, the Peterbilt owners, are reliable contributors to Montana Republican elections since 2012. Together, the two have contributed more than $13,000 to former Rep. Denny Rehberg, Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Ryan Zinke.

Pro-tip: Many campaign events are held at friendly locations and the people who own these businesses usually support the candidates.

It’s a long way to November. It’s time for the Montana political reporters to get in the game…

Happy Birthday:

Happy birthday to the Marine, U.S. Senator, and my former boss, Conrad Burns. He turns 81 today (January 25).

National Review:

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump must be getting under the skin of the establishment Republicans. On Friday, they published a special issue of National Review just to attack him.

The special issue contained what CNN reported was a blistering editorial that labels Trump a threat to conservatism, as well as essays by 22 prominent conservative thinkers from various ideological factions, in opposition to Trump’s candidacy.

As for Trump, he had the following to say on Twitter about the attack:

National Review is a failing publication that has lost it’s way. It’s circulation is way down w its influence being at an all time low. Sad!

I believe the biggest threat to conservatism is the far-right Republicans.

Saturday Night Live:

You really need to watch the opening of Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey came back to play Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump.

It was golden. Watch it HERE.

Super Bowl 50:

It’s the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Who are you picking?

I am not a fan of Denver because they are in the same division (AFC West) as my Kansas City Chiefs. I do respect Peyton Manning, but I cannot stand John Elway who played for the Broncos and is now some sort of executive with them.

As for Carolina, Cam Newton is just too arrogant for my taste.

I will make a prediction and post my poll…later. Meanwhile, you can get all your Super Bowl information by clicking HERE.

Snow Totals in Washington, DC:

In case you did not hear, there was a snowstorm on the east coast this past weekend. Washington, D.C., is so screwed up they can’t even measure the snow accurately.

The Washington Post reported that the snow was so bad that weather observers at Reagan National Airport lost their snow-measuring device to the elements midway through the blizzard. It was buried by the very snow it was supposed to measure.

So what will the bureaucrats do about it? Assemble a team. The Post reported that Susan Buchanan, a National Weather Service spokeswoman, said Sunday that the agency would assemble a team Monday to conduct a “comprehensive assessment of how snow measurements are taken” at National and other locations.

I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the results…


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5 thoughts on “Monday’s Odds & Ends

  1. I was a Vikings fan back in the day, dictated by proximity at the time and Tarkenton. Then Sam McCullum of Flathead High School was drafted by them so all the better. Then he went to the Seahawks in the expansion draft when the team was formed and I’ve been with them ever since. Then the Seahawks switched conferences in the realignment. Soooooo

    I think I’ll stay home and concentrate on the commercials, maybe Giantfart will pony up a few mill out-of-pocket to target ads in Montana.

    Given yesterday’s games, I think it’ll be Carolina in a romp.

  2. As a Raider fan for the past 43 years, I’ll be pulling for the Broncos, because they are from the AFC West! Head to head we are up 61-50-2 and they are the underdog in this game. As for the Chiefs, we are down 60-52-2 and I would root for them if they made it to the big game too! I have never rooted for a NFC team in the Super Bowl since I became a fan of the NFL…

  3. “This has been a ‘presentation’ of the National Football League.”

    It says that at the end of every NFL game, and for good reason – it’s a presentation. They’re presenting this entertainment to us, just like wrestling presents that entertainment to us.

    I think many of realized it was fake last year after that terrible call by Pete Carroll. Now we get the narrative of Manning overcoming the allegations of performance enhancing drugs.

    Should boost ratings, and that’s what these presentations are meant to do, just like Election 2016 is meant to boost ratings. Makes a lot of money for corporate networks, many of which don’t pay taxes, I might add.

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