Wednesday’s Odds & Ends

Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future. – John F. Kennedy

Welcome to Wednesday! Today is one of those days in which there are several stories out there that I want to comment about – so it’s another “Odds & Ends” day!

Here are today’s topics:

  • Montana GOP’s Closed Primary
  • A Blog’s Obsession
  • Wittich Responds
  • Obama is coming for your guns
  • GOP Presidential Debate – My Winner is…

Montana GOP’s Closed Primary:

MTN News reported this week that a federal judge ruled that Montana Republican Party’s lawsuit to force a “closed primary” election to choose its candidates is going to trial.

I have been against a closed primary in Montana from the beginning.

Ironically, Republicans have long been against judges “legislating from the bench” but it appears, in this case, they might just like it (if the judge rules their way). Read on…

MTN News reported that Matthew Monforton, an attorney representing state GOP county central committees, said the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals could just resolve the case or order the Montana Legislature to establish a new system.

The big tent that Republicans claim that everyone is welcome in is closing.


It was pointed out to me that one of the Montana’s best and longest-standing blogs, the progressive Intelligent Discontent, which is run by Don Pogreba, seems to be obsessed with Republican U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke – and not as a fan, either.

Most of the columns this month attack Zinke for almost every move he makes. One of my long-time faithful readers asked me to dedicate this music video to Pogreba’s “obsession” with defeating Zinke. Enjoy.

“You are an obsession, I cannot sleep…I will not accept defeat.”

Wittich Responds:

State Rep. Art Wittich, R-Bozeman, has publicly responded to the recent stories about the lawsuit the commissioner of political practices filed against him over alleged campaign violations way back in 2010.

You can read his guest opinion in the Missoulian HERE.

In regard to the political practices/Wittich story I kind of feel like the car salesperson in the commercial who asks, “Can the test drive be over now?”

Obama is Coming for Your Guns:

I subscribe to receive email updates from most candidates, elected officials, and political groups. This week the Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Reince Priebus sent an email with the subject, “Obama is coming for your guns.”

After that bombshell, they asked me to contribute $35-$150 to “Show Obama you’re sick and tired of him ignoring the Constitution…”

I’m sure there are some wackos on the right who will believe what the RNC stated in their email, and they will send a hefty amount of their hard-earned money to the RNC so they can keep their guns.

This is exactly why I live in an underground bunker in an undisclosed location in Montana…

GOP Presidential Debate:

The Republican Presidential candidates debated in Las Vegas last night, and The Western Word was there (via television) sending out some not so serious tweets about the pageant debate. Here is my expert analysis:

The winner of last night’s debate is Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Clinton was not in this debate but the actions and tones of the Republican candidates make her look better and more Presidential.

Someone said the men on stage acted like seventh-grade boys at their first dance. I agree with that. Donald Trump was the leader going into the debate and did not hurt himself. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are good debaters, but terrible senators and leaders. Jeb Bush still has a pulse and Chris Christie performed well.

Nobody on the main stage knows a damned thing about military or defense or veterans issues.

The Associated Press (AP) has an analysis of the debate HERE. The AP also has a fact check story about the debate that you can read HERE.



6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Odds & Ends

  1. Thanks for the analysis of last night’s debate. I have been scratching my head ever since watching it and you nailed it. While watching it my husband and I started calling it the pro wrestling of politics but I guess that’s not really fair to pro wrestling.
    As for Art Wittich his response appeared in the Bozeman paper as well. The byline stated he’s a representative from Bozeman, he’s not he’s from Belgrade. I’m still wondering who is confused, Art or the paper?

  2. That’s pretty substantive stuff. Do you have any criticisms of the actual content of my posts? I probably would write less about Congressman Zinke were he not making so many outrageous and often factually incorrect statements.

    • Don – You asked – “Do you have any criticisms of the actual content of my posts?” Not really. You are entitled to your opinion, but thanks for asking. -JmB

      • Right you are, Mike, about Pogreba’s obsession. If anything, you undersold it, as it also clearly applies to other blogs, and blog posts, about Zinke.

        Disappointing, too, that although you complimented his blog, he nevertheless throws shade your way. Seems like a sad, bitter fellow. Too bad for him.

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