A Budget Deal for Cowards

Late Monday evening, I happened to catch the story from The Hill about senior White House officials and congressional leaders striking a deal to raise the debt limit and set the federal budget for the next two years.

We’ll see how this “deal” works out. These are not really “deals.” What they do is give everyone enough stuff they want so they can get enough votes to pass it. Then it’s out of sight so they can work on what’s most important: The next election.

It will also give them more time to impeach the head of the IRS – because who doesn’t want to stick it to the IRS – it’s a good way to raise money and get more votes!

The “next” election is where they promise to stop doing things like they just did if we send enough of their like-minded people to Washington to fight.

That’s the big lie.

In the past, we’ve seen one party control the White House and Congress and they still screwed it up.

We see these “deals” almost every year because our Federal Government is broken. Of course, your elected official did not break it – it was the other person from another state or district.

When our country is approaching a general election (every two years) neither side in Congress wants to do something that will harm their chances of getting or keeping the majority. They want to protect their own bacon. Every four years a Presidential election is thrown in for good measure.

We have too many politicians in Congress and few, if any, members who could even be considered statesmen.

Montana’s only U.S. Representative, Republican Ryan Zinke, posted a Tweet on Tuesday saying:

Just received the 144 pg #budgetdeal with only 24 hours until votes. I think we all remember “pass the bill to find out what’s in it”

Montana’s junior U.S. Senator, Steve Daines, had the following to say on Twitter:

I was elected to help get our country back on track and get Washington’s reckless spending and record debt under control.

Soon-to-be Speaker Paul Ryan said the process stinks, which was a nice way of putting it.

Everyone is trying to “talk the talk” for the voters back home. That’s easy to do.

Many will act like this 144-page bill is like a new app or program on their computer and click “agree” without actually reading the disclaimer.

I know that if I did not have time to read and ask questions and debate about a multi-billion dollar bill, I would vote not just no, but hell no. Members of the House and Senate need to show a little independence instead of rolling over.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the things in the budget deal are things I would support. The way it’s being done is wrong.

I think we’re all getting pretty fed up with the cowards in Washington not doing the job they were sent there to do.

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  2. It happens every year. Charge more on the credit card and promise to reign in spending next year. Buy gold!

  3. The public may indeed be fed up but you wouldn’t know it come election time. We send the same folks back and expect different results.

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