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The Constitution does not just protect those whose views we share; it also protects those with whose views we disagree. – Edward Kennedy

Happy Constitution Day 2015 and welcome to “Thursday Numbers!” In case you’re new around here, “Thursday Numbers” is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes sprinkled with sarcasm.

This week’s topics include poverty, Full Throttle Saloon, unemployment, median income, the U.S. Constitution, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Governor’s Awards for Excellence, Montana suicides, the 50 States of America If They Were Actually People in a Bar, the Citizenship Test, the GOP Presidential debates, and much more!


There were 46.7 million people in poverty in the United States for 2014. The Associated Press reported that in 2014 a family with two adults and two children was categorized as in poverty if their income was less than $24,008. (Source)

We need to take care of our own!


That’s how much ($10 million) damage was done to the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota, after it burned to the ground last week. It was a total loss.

The fire was caused by a malfunctioning electrical cord. (Source)


That’s how many new claims for unemployment were filed last week. (Source)


That’s the median income ($53,700) in the United States for 2014. (Source)

Is this a great country or what?


That’s how many words are in the U.S. Constitution. (Source)


Former United States runner Suzy Favor Hamilton became “Kelly Lundy” a Las Vegas escort who earned $600 an hour to sleep with CEOs, farmers and rodeo cowboys. She also suffered from mental illness. (Source)

She has a new book coming out titled “Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness.”


That’s how many Montana state government employees received the Governor’s Awards for Excellence this week. (Source)

Congrats to the award winners!


That’s the percentage of 2014 Montana suicides who were males according to the findings released at the fifth annual Conference on Suicide Prevention in Billings this week. (Source)

They also reported that nearly 25% of the suicides were veterans.

We must devote more resources to suicide prevention.


The column “The 50 States of America If They Were Actually People in a Bar” is pretty funny. Here’s what it says about Montana:

Montana has to be two different people. Eastern Montana is a cowboy drinking Budweiser and gets into a fight with Wyoming over sheep vs. cattle, but this happens every week and they make up afterwards. Western Montana, on the other hand, is a hipster/hippie throwback with dreadlocks who drinks craft beer or PBR and absolutely reeks of marijuana.

As for Wyoming, the author says they would be on the roof with a rifle, muttering conspiracy theories about black helicopters.

And for Missouri, the author says they are in a drunken argument with Kansas about who gets custody of their strange in-between child – Kansas City.


That’s how many men signed the U.S. Constitution on this date (September 17) in 1787. (Source)


That’s the age of the youngest person to sign the Constitution (Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey). Benjamin Franklin was the oldest person to sign the Constitution. He was 81. (Source)

What were you doing at age 26?


Can you pass the U.S. Citizenship test? Take the sample 25 question test HERE.

By the way, I got a 25/25.


That is Montana’s rate of suicide per 100,000 people which is the highest in the United States. (Source)

We need to do more to prevent suicides.


That’s how many candidates took part in the CNN Republican Presidential main debate last night. It was an exhausting three hour debate. It was too long and had too many candidates participating.

According to unscientific polls on Drudge and, Donald Trump easily won the debate. See below for more views about the debates.

I think Trump did fine and did not hurt himself, but Carly Fiorina probably did the best of all the candidates. I also thought Chris Christie and John Kasich did well, too.


That’s how many candidates participated in the early CNN Republican Presidential debate.

I believe that Lindsey Graham was the best in that debate. George Pataki was second.

Here are some other views about the debates:

The Hill, Associated Press, USA Today, Reuters, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, CNN, and ABC News


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  1. Hmm, median income’s $53,700?

    The median income in America in 1989 was $51,681.

    $2,019 in 25 years.

    Is this a great country or what?

    • Greg – Good point. Thanks. It has not changed that much. -JmB

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