Jade Helm 15 Begins

The other day I watched a military helicopter flying near my home – they were probably monitoring some missile convoy traveling through town, which is common in Montana. The chopper was flying pretty low and it was loud. This action would probably freak out a few people especially those who are on the outer fringe – the conspiracy folks.

Maybe I should be writing today’s column from deep inside my bunker in Montana because today (Wednesday, July 15) is a special day – it’s the first day of Jade Helm 15. I hope my friends in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida are ready!

Back in March, I alerted my readers about Jade Helm 15. It’s been one of my most-read columns. Today is the day it all begins…

There are several conspiracy theories floating around about Jade Helm 15 – or are they? Nonetheless, it’s time to have a little fun with it…

Just like Lieutenant Dan getting those funny feelings about a rock or a trail or the road, and telling Forrest Gump and the other soldiers to get down and shut up, I’m getting a funny feeling about Jade Helm 15.

So get down shut up and prepare to defend yourself.

The way some folks are talking, Jade Helm 15 may end up making the two movies called “Red Dawn” (Go Wolverines!) look like a Boy Scout camp out. We may not find peace until September 15, which is the date the “exercise” is due to end (or terminate if you like military terms better).

I guess it could end sooner if Barack Obama’s forces take over Texas.

According to officials with the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Jade Helm 15 is just a U.S. military exercise which is scheduled to take place across seven states; Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.

They did not include Montana in their “exercise” because they know not to mess with Montanans – especially native Montanans.

Vanity Fair – yes the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair has posted an article about the exercise, which shows they have tremendous journalistic range at their magazine. The article is titled “Jade Helm Is Imminent and Everyone in Texas Is Prepared for the Fed’s Invasion.” Here is one of their main points:

The general sentiment among conspiracy theorists is that Jade Helm is the military’s attempt to impose martial law on Texas, Utah, and the other territories deemed “hostile” according to a unclassified map of the exercise. Some have gone a step further, claiming that the government is either going to establish processing centers in Wal-Marts, or that it’s an exercise to prepare them for the breakdown of society in the aftermath of a giant asteroid.

Now every time I shop at Wal-Mart I will wonder if the door leading to the backroom actually leads to a processing center room. Oh boy…

If you need more information, try a Google search for “Jade Helm 15” and prepare to be amazed. Be sure you check out the Google Images for the “unclassified maps.”

I think we should all be relieved that “The X-Files” is coming back. Right now America needs Fox Mulder and Dana Scully out there protecting us. We could use another dose of Jack Bauer, too.

Now that I think back about the chopper flying over my home, I wonder if they were spraying chemicals on me…

The truth is out there…

## END ##

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    • Doug – Funny stuff. Now I have to worry about Sam’s AND Walmart. 🙂 Thanks. -JmB

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