Jade Helm 15: Beam Me Up…

I enjoy reading about conspiracy theories on the internet. Sometimes I poke a little fun at some of the shenanigans. Of course, this is all done from the comfort from my well-stocked *underground bunker here in the wilds of Montana.

*My underground bunker also serves as my basement.

The latest chatter is about a military exercise called Jade Helm 15. Grab a (large) cup of coffee, Google “Jade Helm 15” and prepare to be amazed. The “exercise” will take place July 15 through Sept. 15. Is this enough time to prepare?

According to officials with the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Jade Helm 15 is a U.S. military exercise which is scheduled to take place this summer at locations in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California, and Nevada. (Source)

Shut the front door! Should we really believe this?

According to some conspiracy theories, the Army is preparing for modern-day martial law. They uncovered an unclassified military document that reveals Texas, Utah, and southern California have already been designated as “Hostile” areas (This is news?):


I know it’s hard to believe but it is being reported there are 28 known Death Domes in Texas. For those who may not know about “Death Domes,” they can double as a gymnasium as well as being a shelter against raging hurricanes. But, they can also “house thousands of unsuspecting Americans.” (Source)

Fox News is all over this with “The Kelly File” doing a segment on it. Seriously, it was mentioned on Fox News. See it HERE.

Gawker.com ties it all together with this report titled, “Jade Helm: The Pretend Invasion of Texas That’s Driving the Web Crazy.”

Beam me up…





  1. So, Jade Helm 15 is just another govt WOPR? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecPeSmF_ikc

    • Craig – Haha maybe! -JmB

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