Politics 2016: Who Do You Like? (So Far)

Here at The Western Word (TWW), I’ll be keeping watch on the 2016 candidates for state, local, and national office. Make sure you stop by TWW, as well as my associated Twitter and Facebook accounts, for frequent independent updates.

Today I take a brief look at the four major candidates who have announced their intention to run for President of the United States: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, and Marco Rubio. I’ll give my introductory thoughts about all four and at the end there will be a poll for you to pick who you like best (so far).

Ted Cruz:

It looks as though U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has cornered the far-right vote. I’ve never been that excited about him, and he seems to have angered the rank and file Republicans with some of his actions in the senate. I was surprised, but Cruz raised a ton of money after his announcement. He was born in Canada, so the Obama birthers will be all over the natural-born citizen issue, right?

You can visit the Cruz website HERE.

Rand Paul:

I would have to say that U.S. Senator Rand Paul had a tough week with the media. For some reason I like him more than Cruz. When Paul was running for senate in Kentucky, even Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell wanted some other candidate to win. Paul has a lot of followers, so watch out. He needs to better answer questions without talking down to people.

You can visit the Paul website HERE.

Hillary Clinton:

I think many people are sitting back and waiting to see how Hillary Part II comes across to the voters. So far Clinton has more experience than the other announced candidates. Republicans will not let voters forget about Benghazi, the email controversy, and they will try to bring up her age. I just don’t see anyone on the Republican side who can beat her at this time, but we are about 82 weeks away from Election Day 2016.

You can visit the Clinton website HERE.

Marco Rubio:

Rubio announced yesterday. I did not watch his speech but several people said it was very good. The only image I think of when someone says “Marco Rubio” is when he guzzled water from a bottle when giving the Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech. I have that scene engrained in my memory. Also, when someone says “Marco” I want to shout “Polo.” I think he is years away from being a strong contender on the national level, and he should stay a senator and learn. I imagine there were several people who said the same thing about Barack Obama.

You can visit the Rubio website HERE.

So there you have my brief comments about each announced candidate. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. You can find more information about local, state, and national politics on my Facebook page HERE (Please “Like” it) and by subscribing to this blog.

By the way, National Journal did a story (mostly photos) about the possible Presidential candidates’ spouses. You can read/view it HERE.

Now for the poll:


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  1. The Gooper clown car is starting to fill. Tailgunner Ted called driver, Paul called shotgun and Rubio has grabbed a window seat in the back. Crackpot Carson gets the other window on May 4 when he announced he will announce on that date.

    In his speech Rubio said that he was the guy to lead the country into the 21st century, 15 years into said century. Did you notice his logo? AK and HI are missing.

    Hillary is not as universally beloved by the left as much as the rightwingnuts would like to declare it to be. Many view her with a jaundiced eye as a corporatist and in Wall St.’s pocket.

    Barry is on the right track, my first thought was one of those courtesy buses that higher end hotels use for airport shuttles.

    I didn’t vote in your poll.

    • Thanks for your comments Doug. Regarding my poll, I think #MillionsOfMontanans did vote. 🙂 -JmB

  2. To Rick’s point, I was thinking more like a bright yellow “short” bus!

  3. At the current pace of declarations, there is going to be a need for a much larger clown car.

    • Rick – No kidding. Several more to come I believe. Thanks, JmB

  4. Ted Cruz – Too far right to make it happen
    Rand Paul – Has the best chance for the GOP at this time
    Marco Rubio – I like him and he is a smart guy, can give Paul a run
    Hillary Clinton – You left off the Clinton Foundation debacle and I would ask the question that has been asked 100’s of times but never answered…what has she accomplished in the last 20 years? Not sure the country wants a Clinton 3.0…
    *Jeb Bush – I don’t think the country wants Bush 3.0 either…
    *Ben Carson – One of the most appealing candidates but won’t make it to the finish line…

    • Thanks Barry – We may end up with something like a heavyweight title fight: Clinton vs. Bush. -JmB

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