Monday’s Potpourri

Welcome to Monday – It’s time for Monday’s Potpourri! When there are several stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into a “potpourri” column. Today I provide that valuable independent commentary you’ve come to love from The Western Word about:

  • Randy Pinocci’s Meltdown
  • The Tribune’s “The Edge” column is back featuring Taylor Brown, the Montana GOP, and the Montana Democrats.
  • North Dakota’s vision
  • I won a Big Gulp

Pinocci’s Meltdown:

The Great Falls Tribune’s Kristen Inbody interviewed State Representative Randy Pinocci about his first term in the Montana Legislature. You can read it HERE.

Pinocci kind of had a meltdown complaining about everything from not having enough time to consider the bills, to not getting paid enough. When asked about a state employee pay increase, he shot back with, “I don’t know any state employee who makes the wages I make, $5 an hour for 16-hour days.”

Maybe if Pinocci stopped wasting time on things like his Agenda 21 bill and bills that drug test poor people, he would have more time to do the real work he was sent there to do.

On the other hand after reading the Pinocci’s interview, it might be a good deal to drug test some freshman legislators…

The Edge is Back:

Happy days are here again!  A week or so ago I made the statement that the Great Falls Tribune’s “The Edge” column that appears on the Saturday opinion page has, sadly, lost its “edge.”

This past Saturday, “The Edge” column made a comeback. Read it HERE.

First up was the bill in the state senate (SB 176) about naming an official state soil and the remarks from state Senator Taylor Brown:

On the Senate floor, folksy Republican Sen. Taylor Brown of Huntley, chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, didn’t exactly encourage the students, complaining he had to vote in the past against an official state pancake and a state dragonfly, and he was tired of proposals wasting legislators’ time.

Don’t encourage more of these class projects, Brown told fellow senators.

Now, that’s a grouchy thing to say, senator.

Shame on Taylor Brown. Maybe Brown and Pinocci should have a spa day or something to relieve the stress.

The Tribune editorial board in their “The Edge” column also slapped the Montana GOP for the weak attendance at the annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner in Helena which only had about 150 attendees whereas the Democrats had 1000 at their dinner.

Finally, they did all of us political junkies a service by pointing out that the Montana GOP and the Montana Democrats have outdated websites. The latest updates were from November and December.

Good job Tribune – I’m already looking forward to the next “The Edge” column.

A Vision:

The Associated Press (AP) published a story over the weekend about the vision some folks in North Dakota have for the closed Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota:

The roar of mammoth Air Force bombers and tanker planes has long been silenced at the Grand Forks Air Force Base, but backers of the nation’s first unmanned aircraft business park say the drones are creating a buzz.

The AP reported that Defense technology giant Northrop Grumman, based in Falls Church, Virginia, has already signed a letter of intent to anchor the park.

Montana’s economic development folks and elected officials should take notice about North Dakota’s vision for the future. With their actions, North Dakota officials are saying their skies are open for business, whereas Montana’s elected officials, through their actions against the Powder River Training Complex, have told defense and aerospace companies that Montana’s skies are closed.

My Bracket:

I entered several NCAA Bracket contests and I have done OK on most of them.

One of the contests was through Yahoo Sports. After the second round, I received this email:

Cheers to a successful bracket.

Now it’s time to score your free Big Gulp drink from 7-Eleven. Click above now, your coupon expires March 28th.

I did some checking and the closest 7-Eleven store to my home is in Lethbridge, Alberta (that’s in Canada in case you did not know).

The 7-Eleven store finder tells me it’s about a 200 mile trip (one way)…

## END ##

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