From Deep Inside My Bunker…

Today I am writing this column from deep inside my bunker, which is also used as a basement. I may be wearing yoga pants…

I’ve been listening to the Charlie Daniels band play “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” all morning to drown out the sounds of black helicopters flying overhead. More about that later in this commentary.

The United Nations might even be spraying chemtrails on me as I write. I may grow a 12th toe.

You are probably wondering why all this is happening. Here’s why:

The Montana Legislature failed to pass a bill to combat Agenda 21. According to the Associated Press (AP), “A bill aiming to protect property rights in Montana from an obscure global development concept known as Agenda 21 has failed in the House.”

I did not think failure was an option.

What is Agenda 21? The AP reports:

Agenda 21 is a non-binding resolution, signed by Republican President George H.W. Bush in 1992, urging nations to conserve open land and steer development toward more populous areas. Some conservatives across the country see Agenda 21 as an indication of a United Nations takeover.

Wait…wait…WAIT!!! Isn’t President George H.W. Bush a conservative? The Republican National Committee even sells his socks to raise money! How could he do something like that to fellow conservatives?

Maybe because he once said, “I’m a conservative, but I’m not a nut about it.”

The Agenda 21 bill (HB 583) in the Montana legislature was sponsored by Republican Rep. Randy Pinocci of Sun River. The bill failed 59-41. You can see who the 41 nutjobs are who voted for the bill HERE. Pinocci is making a fool of himself in his first legislative session; I’m sure the voters of HD 19 are embarrassed about his shenanigans.

So, why am I listening to the Charlie Daniels band? That’s because Pinocci talked about Charlie Daniels “going across the country giving speeches about Agenda 21, and he is very concerned about the future of the country.”

What really sold me was Pinocci testifying on the House floor saying if people don’t believe “there are concerns with Agenda 21, then check with your local Tea Party and John Birch Society.”

The 2015 Montana Legislature has turned into the best circus ever. It’s must see video!

You can read about other “Nutjob Bills in the Montana Legislature” courtesy of the Cowgirl Blog HERE.

Beam me up, Randy Pinocci…

## END ##