USDOJ: Circle the Wagons

I guess I was not too surprised when I read that U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) attorneys argued that “hundreds of inappropriate and offensive emails” from U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull can’t be released. You can read the Associated Press story HERE.

The Feds contend the emails are “confidential.”

In case you forgot, Cebull, who was a U.S. District Judge in Montana, sent a racist email about President Obama. Cebull resigned for that. Now, attorneys for a former chairman of the Crow Indian Tribe who was convicted of bribery in Cebull’s court want to see if any of Cebull’s e-mails reference their client.

In January of this year, it was reported:

A judicial committee determined Cebull sent hundreds more inappropriate emails from his federal account that showed disdain for blacks, American Indians, Hispanics, women, certain religions and others.

In my opinion, the attorneys for the former Crow Chairman should be allowed to review all emails from Cebull. Cebull has been an embarrassment to the Federal Judiciary and for the USDOJ attorneys to argue they are “confidential” is a stretch.

Although the cost of this embarrassment might be steep, anyone else who appeared in Cebull’s court and feels they might have been discriminated against should be allowed to review his emails, too. We might be amazed at who else in the Cebull’s circles have the same feelings.

Hopefully some judge somewhere will see it this way, too.

Cebull’s inappropriate emails at least served as a wake-up call to all those who work in government – your emails sent from an official government account can become public.

Many people feel the justice system in this country, especially the courts, is stacked against them. They feel they do not get a fair shot. If the USDOJ attorneys are allowed to circle the wagons for Cebull and the Federal Judiciary, these feelings will only run deeper.

That is not good for our Republic.


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