The Sunday Message

“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics and the Great Pumpkin.”– Linus from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Halloween is this Friday night!

Some Christians don’t allow their children to take part in Halloween festivities and some do. Some believe it’s a night that people worship the devil and witches and warlocks and that Christians should stay away from it.

Whatever you believe I think it’s a personal choice and up to the parents as to what they allow their kids to do on Halloween.

I just don’t see how an adorable little kid could be seen as being evil dressed as Batman, Spiderman, or as a Power Ranger.

I’ve gone to church activities on Halloween where we played games and the kids were given candy.

It wasn’t that big a deal either way – maybe it’s because both events had free candy!

I’ve walked along the sidewalk (and sometimes froze) as my kids went door to door shouting, “trick or treat.” As a child I did everything from trick or treating to decorating a house with toilet paper and shaving cream to overturning an outhouse.

At one military base where I lived in base housing there was a two-hour “trick or treat” window for Halloween. We had over 100 kids come to the door. It was a mad rush to get to as many houses as they could in those two hours.

One time in a city where I lived the leaders of the city decided to celebrate Halloween on Saturday instead of Sunday. Of course, I never got “the memo” and had to give a sweet little girl some chips (probably stale) from an old open bag of barbecue potato chips. After she left looking somewhat dejected, we quickly closed the door and shut off the lights.

When my kids were younger, as their parent it was my duty to “sample” the candy from the haul they received on Halloween night to ensure it was safe for them. The rule was they were not allowed to eat anything until they arrived home and I had “checked” it.

To this day, I believe the best thing about Halloween is the snack-sized candy bars. I also like the fact that many stores will have sales the next day to get rid of the candy!

So, maybe it is evil…


## END ##