The Wednesday Read: A Halloween Story

A Halloween story from my childhood. Enjoy…

 As children living in a very small town, all the kids and I were excited when Halloween would roll around. The residents in the small town were also excited to see the children come to their doors and yell, “Trick or Treat.” Everyone knew who the kids in town were, even when we were dressed like skeletons or cowboys.

I had a sister who was about 10 years older than I, and she was sometimes given the chore of taking little Mikie around town to trick or treat. If you were a 16 or 17-year-old teenager, the last thing you really wanted to do was to take your little brother trick or treating. My sister knew that the sooner she made her way around town with me, the sooner she could go and hang out with her friends. Of course, I kept hearing her say, “Hurry up” throughout the evening.

There was always something about Halloween that made me uneasy as a little kid. You would see people out walking around in the shadows, and it was a spooky night with the leaves rustling in the wind, and there were strange noises. Plus, my sister would tell me scary stories for a few days before Halloween to get me ready for Halloween night. Also, some of the folks, whose houses I visited were a little scary.

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