Campaign 2014: LR-126 & Supreme Court Mailers

Today I take a look at the debate between Secretary of State Linda McCulloch (D) and state Rep. Champ Edmunds (R) about Legislative Referendum 126 (LR-126), and the mailer I received about the Montana Supreme Court race. I also comment about a new Gallup Poll that asked about members of Congress.

Legislative Referendum 126:

Earlier this week in Missoula, Secretary of State Linda McCulloch (D) and state Rep. Champ Edmunds (R) debated about Legislative Referendum 126 (LR-126). The Missoulian newspaper covered this hard-hitting debate. You can read the story HERE.

If passed, LR-126 would end Election Day registration in Montana and move the deadline to register to the Friday before Election Day. I offered my commentary about LR-126 in this column.

The one part of the debate that caught my attention was this line reported by the Missoulian:

McCulloch said Republicans have been trying to end Election Day voter registration since 2006, when U.S. Sen. Jon Tester’s campaign used it successfully to defeat former Sen. Conrad Burns.

Maybe McCulloch would like to expand on those comments, because many people are probably wondering how “Tester’s campaign used it successfully.”

Did they offer a free sandwich or meal if you register and vote? Did they offer free drinks/alcohol if you register and vote?

Maybe former Governor Brian Schweitzer helped them use it successfully…

MT Supreme Court:

The mailers for the Montana Supreme Court race between Mike Wheat and Lawrence VanDyke I’m receiving here at The Western Word world headquarters are quite interesting.

Just yesterday I received an attack mailer from the Republican State Leadership Committee – Judicial Fairness Initiative Montana PAC saying, “Activist Judge Mike Wheat overturned the conviction of man who severely beat his infant son…”

Here is the mailer:

Wheat Mailer1





Wheat Mailer2







The case they are referring to is cited as “(Montana Sup. Case # DA 09-0403).” You can read about the case by going to this website and entering the case number. It basically dealt with the unnecessary delay of 42 days from the time the man was arrested until his initial appearance before a judge.

Gallup Polls:

Gallup released a new poll yesterday that found that most Americans like their member of Congress OK, but they don’t like other members of Congress.

For example, 81% believe most members of Congress are out of touch, but when they are asked about their own member of Congress, that number falls to 47%.

They also asked about corrupt members and special interests. You can read the whole poll HERE.


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