Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Equal Government Service?

When I read about a newspaper editorial board endorsing a candidate or an issue, I couldn’t care less. Maybe it’s because I am not employed by the candidate and therefore the sun does not set or rise with every article about them published in the local newspapers.

It’s probably not an intelligent thing for Montana’s small daily newspapers to endorse a candidate anyway, because they ultimately tick off about half of their readers.

About the only thing a newspaper endorsement is good for is the candidate who can use it in their press releases and in their commercials.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle endorsed Democrat U.S. House candidate John Lewis on Tuesday over Republican Ryan Zinke.

While that was fine and dandy with me, one line in the endorsement caught my attention:

Zinke trumpets his military experience, but in the same breath he openly discounts Lewis’ own government service.

Apparently the editorial board at the Chronicle believes that serving in the military is on equal footing with being a staffer for a U.S. Senator.

I beg to differ because I’ve done both.

Since I have done both “jobs’ in my life (each for over a decade), I’d like the Chronicle editorial board to know that serving in the military is far and above a much more honorable and rewarding profession than that of a senate staffer.

By the way, many of the folks I had interactions with in the military are a lot nicer than those I had to deal with as senate staffer.

So Chronicle editorial team – serving in the military and being a senate staffer are not even close to being equal government service. For the Chronicle to lump them together is a slap in the face of military personnel and veterans.


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