Campaign 2014: Lawsuit, Veterans, & Spending

Our members of Congress return to Washington this week just about 120 days before the November election. Don’t look for much to get done between now and November – it’s all about political posturing from here on out.

Do we really care?

One thing that seems to be on the front burner is having a vote in the Republican-controlled House to see if members want to sue President Barack Obama.

No matter how much Speaker of the House John Boehner denies this is about politics and elections, it is. Anyone who has read my columns over the years has seen me say several times, “It’s all about the next election in Washington, D.C.”

While the publicity over the House suing the President will be great and provide some red meat for the partisans, a decision will take years. For those of us who enjoy political jousting, it will be fun to watch, although a lawsuit would be a waste of time and taxpayer money.

As for the President, he called the lawsuit “a stunt” and said, “right now we’ve got a Republican Party that seems to only care about saying no to me.”

It would be nice if they worked together a little more. Sure the House passes bills like they are scanning groceries at Walmart while the senate is slow as a turtle. It’s like that in Washington and it has been for years. The senate is supposed to be the deliberative body. On some issues, slow is better, but the President wants to stack up some wins in the final two years for his legacy.

A major thing that needs to get done in July deals with the Veterans Administration scandal. House and Senate members are attempting to work out differences in two recently passed pieces of legislation. It needs to get done before the August recess, but it’s not looking good. The senate also needs to confirm the new Secretary of the VA quickly.

Congress also has the spending bills to pass, but don’t count on it happening by October 1. Last year was not an election year and they shut down the government. They won’t repeat that silliness again, will they?

Better get the popcorn ready!


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