MT Campaign 2014: Two Weeks!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks two weeks before the June 3 primary election – then the real fun starts!

Meanwhile, Republicans across Montana can be heard saying, “Candidate, candidate on the ballot, who is the purest conservative of them all.”

I’m thinking they may need to conduct a DNA test or play a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors to settle this dilemma.

We have the campaign mailers hitting the mailboxes, which is always entertaining!  The Great Falls Tribune published a story Sunday about negative campaign mailers hitting mailboxes across Montana:

Two groups, the Laurel-based Montana Family Foundation and the Billings-based Conservative Majority PAC, sent out mailers urging voters to vote against Republicans in at least five House districts.

According to their website, “The Montana Family Foundation is a non-profit, research and education organization dedicated to supporting, protecting and strengthening Montana families.”

The head of the Montana Family Foundation, Jeff Laszloffy, told the Tribune, “If somebody is representing themselves as a conservative, then we want them to know this is an issue people are passionate about, and then we need to let people know that maybe some of these candidates aren’t as conservative as they appear to be.”

The Associated Press reported that Conservative Majority PAC was “formed just a few weeks ago” and the treasurer did not return calls, which all seems pretty typical during election years.

If you do a Google search for “Conservative Majority PAC” you’ll find a website with a photo of President Obama and the word IMPEACH.

As for the mailers, I enjoy reading them, but I have never based a voting decision on a silly campaign mailer. Many are full of half-truths. I don’t base my vote on whether some group like the Montana Family Foundation or Conservative Majority PAC likes the candidate or not. If fact, these days it might have the opposite effect.

If you visit a post office around election time, you’ll see a lot of these mailers in the trash as people with P.O. Boxes have tossed them.

Meanwhile, former Montana Congressman Rick Hill and former state senator Ken Miller are still going after Republican U.S. House candidate Ryan Zinke for not being conservative enough – although several people who have sent me e-mails believe Hill and Miller are poisoning the Montana GOP from within.

Some Montana conservatives don’t believe Matt Rosendale is conservative enough, either.

Over at the blog “polymontana” Dr. Ed Berry writes, “I will argue that only Corey Stapleton can win both the primary and final elections and Matt Rosendale cannot.”

On the same blog, Roger Koopman of the Montana Conservative Alliance asks Rosendale several questions about his voting record, writing, “As you know, Matt, there are many of us who want to believe that you are a verifiably sound and solid conservative — someone who will consistently cast a constitutional, less government vote in the US Congress.”

Koopman continues with, “Many, however, remain troubled by your legislative voting record, which the highly reliable ‘TAB’ index reveals as very middle-of-the-road (54% conservative) for both sessions in which you served.”

The final two weeks of the primary season will undoubtedly be interesting. There will be surprises, so buckle up folks!


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