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If you are a first-time visitor, “Thursday Numbers” is the column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with a little sarcasm).

This week I write about the Mega Millions jackpot, Taylor Swift, food stamps, Great Falls Public Schools, Obamacare, Uranus, John Lewis, Montana Democrats, unemployment, Montana Republicans, Obama’s approval rating, Bush’s approval rating, “FunnyOrDie,” flood warnings, veterans & suicide, Congressional job approval, Gov. Steve Bullock and his documents, and much more!


That’s the Mega Millions jackpot for Friday night ($353 million).

Your chances of winning are better if you play…


Taylor Swift made almost $40 million last year.

That’s slightly more than this blog made from the ads…


According to Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s office, “he has taken action to prevent over $2 million in cuts to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP) [food stamps] benefits for more than 2,000 low-income Montana families. The cuts would have happened as a result of the new federal Farm Bill.”

It’s good to take care of those less fortunate…


That’s the amount ($1.6 million) the Great Falls (MT) Public School district is asking for in their levy request. There will be a vote on May 6.

I hope it is approved, and I will support it. Unfortunately, there are some folks who are very vocal and are against public schools and children no matter what.


That’s how much ($600 thousand) that was stolen from Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church over the weekend.

I was somewhat amazed at how much the church received in just one weekend…


That’s how many people filed new claims for unemployment last week, which was a decrease from the week before.


Through February, that’s how many Montanans have signed up for Obamacare. (Source)

I’m sure they don’t want to see it repealed…


On this date in 1781, the planet Uranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel. (Source)

And then the jokes started…


I received a press release from the campaign of U.S. House candidate John Lewis (D-Mont.) saying he drove 1,100 miles last week on the campaign trail.

Let’s hope and pray that all candidates and their staff have safe journeys while campaigning across our great state…


That’s how many candidates have filed for office this year for “two federal seats, 125 state legislative offices, two Montana Supreme Court positions, two Public Service Commission spots and several district judgeships. (Source)

Best of luck to everyone in the race! Montana candidates – follow me on Twitter @TheWesternWord and I will follow you!


The Montana Democrats have candidates in 125 state legislative seats. (Source)

According to the great reporting of the Montana Cowgirl blog, some Democratic candidates may be Tea Party members.


The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows President Barack Obama has an approval rating of 41% – his worst in history. In comparison, George W. Bush’s second-term average was 37%. Bush’s lowest approval rating was 25%.

I thought I would add a little perspective since this is an independent blog…


The website’s traffic increased 40% after President Obama did a “FunnyOrDie” interview with Zach Galiafinakis.

I thought it was funny; I did not want to die…


The Montana Republican Party has 40 races that will have primaries. (Source)

There are several primary contests on the Republican side which has incumbents being challenged probably because some challengers don’t think the incumbents are “pure” enough.


Montana has 30 counties under flood warnings. (Source)

Speaking of floods, the movie “Noah” opens on March 28…


The Montana Democratic Party has 25 races that have primaries. (Source)


An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide each day in the United States according to a report just released by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We must do more to help veterans.


According to Gallup polling, “With the 2014 midterms now eight months away, 15% of Americans approve of the overall job Congress is doing. This is slightly better than last month’s 12%, but extends a nearly steady string of sub-20% approval ratings for Congress that started in mid-2011.”

If you are serving in Congress, don’t pop the champagne cork just yet. You’re not that good…


The Associated Press reported this week that “Documents released Tuesday indicate Gov. Steve Bullock was planning to replace departing U.S. Sen. Max Baucus with former Lt. Gov. John Walsh at least 12 days before the governor announced the appointment in February.”

I think Republicans, the media, and some Democrats are making something out of nothing regarding this appointment. If Montanans don’t like the process, then change it. Contact your legislator.

As for all the e-mails released from the Governor’s office about this appointment issue, I think we can all agree that the staff Governor Bullock has in place is not ready for primetime.


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