Halloween 2013: What Scares Me

As we approach another Halloween, here are some things that are scaring me in 2013. In the comment section, please feel free to share some things that scare you. By the way, take your mask off until Thursday!

These things scare me (in no particular order):

>The Tea Party
There seems to be a lot of hate coming from this group, and that’s not good.

>Our political process
Money is hurting the process, and it’s wrong to tie money to freedom of speech.

>The federal government
We are in so much debt that we will never get out.

Congress is becoming more and more a place for millionaires to play, and they don’t play well with each other.

>Ted Cruz
He seems to have a following, and he’s a pretty intelligent person, but he kind of reminds me of Jim Jones of Jonestown massacre fame and that’s scary.

There are still people who believe President Obama was born in Kenya and that he is a Muslim.

>False Facebook/Twitter Posts
There appear to be a lot of people who actually believe that if they read something on the internet then it’s true – and then they post it on Facebook or Twitter.

>Someone leaving the blast door open at a nuclear missile launch control center again
There are too many mistakes being made by those who work on and around nuclear weapons.

>The state government
In Montana we have a citizen legislature, but some clowns get to Helena and think they are actually important.

>That the Democrats and Republicans won’t work together to make the Affordable Care Act better
I would like to see them work together and stop the political theater.

>The local government
There’s not a lot of respect being shown from local citizens to the elected officials and to the local citizens from the elected officials.

>Another school shooting
Why anyone would walk into a school and kill children is beyond me

>Drunk drivers
There are too many drunk drivers racking up 5-10 (or more) DUIs that our roads are not that safe.

>Our Courts
Some of our judges have lost touch.

>That my fellow veterans won’t get the care and benefits they earned
Money will be getting tighter in the future, so veterans will need to unite and fight for their benefits.

>That my next two books won’t get published
The process goes on and on and on…slowly.

>Thinking that my Kansas City Chiefs may never win another championship
The last one was in 1969…

>The Miami Heat winning another NBA championship
I don’t care for the Heat or LeBron or Wade…and one team winning so much hurts the NBA.

>Not seeing my favorite band, REO Speedwagon, again
I am waiting patiently for next year’s tour dates to be released…

>That my bucket list will never be completed
All I need is time…and money.

Have a great Halloween!


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