They Deserve a Vote

It’s unimaginable that after living through the tragedy that took the lives of 26 children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the families of the victims may not even get a vote on gun restrictions in the U.S. Senate.

They deserve a vote now.

It is being reported that several GOP Senators are planning to filibuster any new gun restrictions that are brought forth in the U.S. Senate. The 13 Senators are Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Richard Burr, Ron Johnson, Mike Enzi, Jim Risch, Mike Crapo, Dan Coats, Jerry Morgan, Pat Roberts, and Marco Rubio. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated he supports a filibuster, too.

In case you are keeping score at home, these senators are far-righties.

If this is Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus’ rebranding plan for the GOP, then Democrats all across the fruited plains should be rejoicing. 

The Republican senators are doing this even when so many people want to see some changes. A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that voters “support universal gun background checks 91 – 8 percent, including 88 – 11 percent among voters in households with guns.”

I own several guns. I’m not worried about President Obama’s folks developing a list or busting through my door to confiscate them. That’s just wackiness.

Something is incredibly wrong in American politics when we can’t get the Senate to vote on at least universal background checks.  They need to do the right thing.

Can these senators even imagine the pain and anguish the parents and families of the 26 children and adults have felt since December 14, 2012?

On 60 Minutes last Sunday, David Wheeler, whose son Benjamin died at Sandy Hook Elementary, said:

I mean, literally find a mirror in your house and look in it and look in your eyes and say, “This will never happen to me. This will never happen in my school. This will never happen in my community.” And see if you actually believe that. And if there is a shadow, the slightest shadow of doubt about what you’ve said, think about what you can do to change that in your house, in your community, in your school, in your country, because we have an obligation to our children to do this for them. It’s gonna happen again. It is going to happen again. And every time, you know, it’s somebody else’s school, it’s somebody else’s town. It’s somebody else’s community until one day you wake up and it’s not.

I could not watch the 60 Minutes two-part segment about the families of Newtown without tears flowing. It was heartbreaking.

Those 13 Republican senators should watch it, too.

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2 thoughts on “They Deserve a Vote

  1. I am all in support of background checks including gun shows sales. Anything past that is not going to have an affect on way or the other in reducing mass shootings until we address mental illness and the drugs these killers are taking. They live in different world then we do. The Republicans are stupid to not support background checks as the NRA has already said it would too. Background checks is a good first step.

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