Thursday Numbers

Welcome to the first “Thursday Numbers” of February! Whoop, whoop!

If this is your first time visiting The Western Word, “Thursday Numbers” is my weekly column where I take a look at the numbers in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes laced with just a little sarcasm.

Please note that if you read this column you may be able to use the information to impress your family, friends, and co-workers. Then again, when they find out that you spend your time reading blogs they may not be too impressed…

This week I write about the budget deficit, the Postal Service, Allen Iverson, disability payments, unemployment, Cory Stapleton, Ashley Judd, Max Baucus, Fox News, Monopoly, Pee Patrol, the Beatles, Buckwild, Stewie the Cat, death penalty, and much more!


That’s how much ($845 billion) the budget deficit will be this year according to the Congressional Budget Office. Last year it was $1.1 trillion.

This makes my “budget deficit” seem small…


The U.S. Postal Service hopes to save about $2 billion annually by stopping Saturday mail delivery.

At least we’ll stop receiving bills on Saturday which is always a downer…


That is the salary Allen Iverson has earned during his 14-year NBA career. According to this story, Iverson has apparently lost his Atlanta home to foreclosure.


That’s how many people are collecting federal disability payments.

We take care of our own…


According to the U.S. Department of Labor that’s how many people filed new claims for unemployment last week.

Will the numbers ever get below 300,000?


Cory Stapleton lost to Rick Hill in the 2012 Republican primary for Montana Governor by 22,141 votes. Yesterday Stapleton announced he was a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014.

I’m thinking he will be one of several candidates.  I don’t see any Republicans who can beat Max Baucus…


That’s how much money American Crossroads paid to run a digital ad against Ashley Judd who they think may run against Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky in 2014.

With Karl Rove’s American Crossroads “success” in the 2012 elections, I’m thinking this may be a good thing for Judd…


The Friends of Max Baucus campaign sent an e-mail this week in which they ask supporters “Help us stand strong — contribute $10 or more towards our $5,000 February goal.”


On this date in 1964 the Beatles invaded the United States. Here’s the original Associated Press story.


Earlier this week the Great Falls (MT) Tribune asked readers, “Should the death penalty be abolished in Montana?” There were 420 people who took part in the unscientific poll and 82% voted NO.


Since January 20 that’s how many people have been detained in Rio de Janeiro by the “Pee Patrol.”

When you gotta go…


This is the 82nd “Thursday Numbers” published here at The Western Word.


That’s how long John and Ann Betar of Connecticut have been married.


That’s the length (48.5 inches) of “Stewie the Cat” who held the record for the longest domestic cat in the world. Stewie died on Monday.

It reminds me of the joke about the dog who had his tail cut off by a lawnmower. He said, “It won’t be long now…”


Public Policy Polling’s (PPP) annual poll on TV news found that only 41% of those polled trusted Fox News while 46% did not. 52% trusted PBS.

I became tired of the Fox News slant a few years ago; now my viewing of the news is split between MSNBC and CNN.


A young woman got a little smart with a judge and ended up getting 30 days in the county jail. It was fun to watch



That’s how many days this month (February) has this year. Leap year next occurs in 2016.


You might want to check out “The 9 Dumbest Facebook Arrests” so you won’t make the same mistakes…

I am always happy to offer my assistance…


The Cat will replace the Iron and become one of the eight tokens for the game of Monopoly this fall. The other tokens are a race car, top hat, wheelbarrow, battleship, shoe, thimble, and a Scottie dog!


The U.S. Postal Service plans to cut back mail delivery to five days per week for everything except packages.

I heard they will still provide friendly customer service though…


According to Reuters, “Two Los Angeles-area high school students had fingers severed while taking part in a ‘spirit week’ group tug-of-war contest, authorities said on Tuesday.”

“We’ve got spirit yes we do…”


MTV’s “Buckwild” which is a reality series about a group of small-town West Virginia young adults has been renewed for a second season.



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