The Wrap – Super Bowl Sunday

With the Super Bowl over it is time for depression, sadness, and loneliness to creep in because football officially ended. The NBA doesn’t take football’s place. NASCAR? Nope. Baseball? Heck no. They are just placeholders until the next football season.

I guess now is a good time to do those chores around the house that I have been putting off.

Super Bowl XLVII was a good game with the Baltimore Ravens winning 34-31 over the San Francisco 49ers. In a few years it will be remembered as the Super Bowl where the lights went out. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, left a lasting impression. It was like someone forgot to pay the power bill.

The pre-game show from CBS was pretty good. It was a little awkward when Dan Marino was on camera since he was found to have kept a “love child” he fathered with a fellow CBS employee from his bosses at CBS for several years. Why wasn’t he fired?

They did have some good reports such as the one about Indianapolis Head Coach Chuck Pagano who fought leukemia this season. The spot about Vernon Davis, the 49ers’ star tight end, who was benched by former Head Coach Mike Singletary, was pretty good, too, as was the report about former Ravens player O.J. Brigance and his fight with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

In what was a waste of good airtime, Baltimore Ravens controversial linebacker Ray Lewis was interviewed by his former teammate and current CBS Sports commentator Shannon Sharpe. Why do some dumb jocks believe they can be a journalist when they cannot string two sentences together?

Like many people have said, the most dangerous place to be in this world is between Ray Lewis and a camera. I have grown tired of Lewis. He got off easy for some past actions.

The twenty-six students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, performing “America the Beautiful” was very touching.

I grew tired of seeing the commercial for the CBS show, “Elementary.”

The commercials were not that good. I liked the Anheuser-Busch commercial where the Clydesdale and the trainer were reunited. I thought the Joe Montana stain commercial was funny. You can watch all the Super Bowl ads HERE.

The Wheat Thins commercial during the pre-game show made me laugh.

I am not a Beyonce fan, so the halftime show was not that good to me. Most people were probably looking for a wardrobe malfunction…

The actual game turned out to be pretty good (after the power outage). When Jacoby Jones returned the kickoff 108 yards and the Ravens went up 28-6, the fat lady was clearing her throat to sing. I guess when she turned on the microphone she blew a fuse and the game was delayed about 34 minutes. After the delay, the game became a little crazy. It was kind of like hitting restart for the Niners as they came back to 31-29 before losing 34-31.

IMHO, the fourth down play in the end zone was pass interference on the Ravens. Super Bowl games are officiated differently…

The number one CBS NFL team calling the game (Jim Nance and Phil Simms) are terrible. They show no excitement when calling a game. The sideline reporters (Steve Tasker and Solomon Wilcots) were out of their league.

What do we have to look forward to now that the season is over?

Well, later this month (February 20-26) we have the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Then we have the NFL draft April 25-27. My Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock (number one pick) and hopefully they will get a player like “Leon Sandcastle.” Oh yes, and those chores that have been waiting since September…

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  1. Yeah, that fourth down incomplete might have resulted from pass interference. I think it was a no call because the pass was too high to be caught.

    I thought the 49ers made two mistakes on the safety at the end.

    Mistake one: not realizing taking a safety was the smart play with only 12 seconds left.

    Mistake two: not employing laterals on the runback of the free kick. Unless there are special rules for runbacks of free kicks, laterals should be legal. And at least once, laterals did enable a kick return for a touchdown on the final play of the game. See

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