MT Legislature: Spanking, Test for Pot, & Campaign Finance

Here we go – the 63rd Session of the Montana Legislature is starting to get weird!  Today I provide commentary about a few issues that caught my attention. Enjoy!

We Will, We Will, Spank You:

As I have written in the past, the Montana Legislature is like watching a three-ring circus (State House, State Senate, and Governor).

Over at the Flathead Memo on January 26 I read about a draft bill from State Rep. Jerry O’Neil, R-Columbia Falls, which would “Allow defendant to bargain for corporal punishment.” Today the Great Falls Tribune has the story.

I imagine we’ll hear a lot more about the bill in the near future when word gets out that Montana is offering to spank you.

I have not heard if the spanking will be tested on the members of the Montana Legislature. 

The Sheriff gets the honor of carrying out the sentence. On Monday we learned that several Montana Sheriffs decided they would interpret what was constitutional or not. If this bill passes, their plates will be full!

O’Neil’s spanking bill reminded me about the young boy who did not get good grades in school. One day he met with his teacher and said I don’t want to worry you, but my dad told me last night at dinner that if my grades don’t improve somebody is going to get a spanking…

Testing for Pot:

According to the Associated Press, “The Montana House is endorsing a plan to start testing drivers to determine possible marijuana impairment.”

I imagine most potheads will begin studying for the test as soon as they read the story. I’m thinking they should have the suspect play the “Spoon and Fork” game…

Since the lawmakers have done such a great job curtailing drunk driving, I’m happy they are dedicating valuable time and resources to such a major issue…(not really).

Campaign Finance:

Lee Newspapers is reporting that the Montana Legislature is looking at some bills that would “increase, or eliminate, Montana’s limits on campaign contributions.” You can read their story HERE.

By the way, it was so cold in Montana yesterday that I heard several politicians at the Montana Legislature had their hands in their own pockets…

There are so many methods to get money funneled into political races that it does not matter what limits are placed on contributions – people can just start a third-party group or give to one.

The system is completely broken. The Courts helped break it. Political Parties did their part, too. It seems freedom in political campaigns is now defined by money – and that hurts our country.

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