“Everyone wants to wipe out guns”

Did you ever wonder who makes the decision on whether or not a law or regulation is constitutional? I think I’ve found the answer: Five county sheriffs in Montana.

Yes – Five county sheriffs in Montana. You probably won’t find that information in any textbook – but aren’t textbooks mostly a tool from the educated left to keep the righties down…

According to a story by the Associated Press, “Sheriffs in at least five Montana counties are resisting new federal gun regulations.”

One Montana Sheriff said that “he won’t enforce any ‘unconstitutional’ federal gun regulations” and others said they wouldn’t help the Feds when they come to confiscate our AR-10 upper’s, guns and rifles.

An e-mail was sent from two Montana sheriffs to their counterparts across the state “urging them to refuse to enforce or to permit the enforcement of any new federal gun regulations.”

And I thought a court would be deciding these things – but I guess President Barack Obama controls all the courts so we can’t trust them…

After reading the story, I wonder what other regulations or laws these sheriffs have chosen not to enforce because they think they may be unconstitutional.

That speed limit on 20th Street? Not enforced. What about registering a .10 on the breath test. Nope, not drunk enough!

In other words, it’s a slippery slope…

Today the Great Falls Tribune published an interview they conducted with Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards. For those readers not familiar with Montana, Cascade County is where the city of Great Falls is located.

Edwards wrapped the whole second amendment fight up in one little box and placed a bow on it when he uttered the following six words:

“Everyone wants to wipe out guns.”

Son-of-a-gun…that’s it. EVERYONE wants to wipe out guns. Edwards’ brilliance in cutting to the chase amazes me. Edwards should have quoted Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

I bet Obama even has his drones out to help locate all our guns.

Welcome to the silly season…

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  2. I was looking for the part where team Obama won’t enforce federal immigration laws or the Defense of marriage act to name a couple of those laws “not to enforce because they think they may be unconstitutional.”

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