Caught My Eye…

Here we are – this is the last Friday of November AND there are just 25 days until Christmas!

If this is your first time visiting The Western Word, the “Caught My Eye” column is posted every Friday morning right here! This is where I take a quick look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week – and I often throw in a touch of sarcasm just to make you smile. So get ready to head into your weekend armed with knowledge and a smile.

Today I write about lunch at the White House, Afghanistan, Costco, Reply All, the elevator, the tattoo, boots, Jesus on the slopes, alkaline hydrolysis, Twinkies, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, and much more!

Lunch at the White House:

President Obama invited Mitt Romney to the White House for lunch on Thursday (do we live in a great country or what?). They dined on turkey chili and Southwestern chicken salad.

I don’t know if humble pie was served, but I’m thinking the photo of Obama and Romney shaking hands in the oval office might have hurt Romney’s feelings some…

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show has the details of the Romney/Obama lunch HERE.

Accelerated Withdrawal:

The U.S. Senate passed a nonbinding amendment yesterday saying they wanted to accelerate the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It was bipartisan; the vote was 62-33. Thirteen Republicans voted for the amendment, which was somewhat surprising.

I think it’s time to bring our troops home.

Joe (the shopper):

Vice President Joe Biden visited the grand opening of a new Costco store in Washington, D.C., where it was reported he purchased “flowers, children’s books, fire logs, a 32-inch Panasonic TV…and a large apple pie.”

Joe is a shopper!  All he needed to add to his purchase was a box of wine…


“Reply All” to 39,979 people is not a good idea as Max Wiseltier, a sophomore at New York University, found out recently.

All the people who hate it when someone in the office hit’s “Reply All” are now saying, “Revenge!”

Little Ones:

According to the Pew Research Center, the “U.S. birth rate (in 2011) dropped to its lowest level since the beginning of the Great Depression.”

Maybe more people are finding out what causes it…

The Elevator Prank:

A television show in Brazil plays the ultimate prank on unsuspecting people riding in the elevator. It’s worth your time to watch it HERE – over 11 million people have…

The Romney Tattoo:

Eric Hartsburg has decided to have the “R” for Romney tattoo removed from his face.  Hartsburg is planning on having it removed according to this story because he says Romney was a sore loser.

Enjoy the process, Eric. There’s a lesson to be learned from your story…

Boots to a Homeless Man:

The photo of a cop giving boots to a homeless man in Times Square has gone viral. Nice!

God bless the officer and the homeless man.  Maybe this will encourage others to give to those in need this holiday season…

Hostess Twinkies:

According to a poll from Rasmussen Reports, 57% have a favorable opinion of Hostess Twinkies.

I will wait to hear what Nate Silver says…

Jesus on the Slopes:

According to the Missoulian (a newspaper in Missoula, Montana), “A lawsuit calling for the removal of a statue of Jesus from a patch of federal land at Whitefish Mountain Resort will move forward to trial after a national organization of atheists and agnostics identified a local member and avid skier who regularly encounters the statue on Big Mountain and finds it offensive.”

You should not mess with Jesus…

Alkaline Hydrolysis:

James Connor over at the Flathead Memo writes about Montana State Senator Ed Buttrey’s draft bill for the next legislative session which is a bill to “Authorize alkaline hydrolysis as a means of final disposition” that “uses lye, 300-degree heat and 60 pounds of pressure per square inch to destroy bodies in big stainless-steel cylinders that are similar to pressure cookers.”

Guess that beats melting the body inside a barrel of acid like they do on Breaking Bad…

The upcoming Montana Legislative session is beginning to look like it will be the best one yet for bloggers and comedians…

On This Date (November 30):

In 1979, Pink Floyd released “The Wall.” In 1982, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was released.

One More Thing:

Don’t forget to stretch…