MT Senate 2012: J-e-t-s, Jets, Jets, JETS

Readers may remember that I’ve written about the battle between U.S. Senator Jon Tester and Congressman Denny Rehberg over who can best sustain the military missions in Montana’s only military town, Great Falls, for the next six years.

Several times I have called Great Falls and the county it’s in (Cascade) the battleground in the U.S. Senate race.

Denny Rehberg brought Senator (and former Presidential candidate) John McCain to town. Jon Tester brought Senator (and former Navy Secretary) Jim Webb to town. Both are Vietnam veterans.  There may be others who paid a visit – I don’t get out of my bunker much these days with all the drones flying around…

Then there was the vote. The House and the Senate voted to keep the government funded until next year. That bill contained some important language to keep the Montana Air National Guard’s F-15 fighter mission in Great Falls until next year. Tester voted for the bill. Rehberg voted against the bill.

So now we have the new campaign ad from Team Tester:

And today we have a retired Montana Air National Guard (MANG) Commander, Col. Michael J. McDonald, writing a column for the Great Falls Tribune praising Tester’s vote and saying, “Montanans who are concerned about preserving the legacy, the viability, and long term future of MANG have one clear choice in this fall’s Senate race: Jon Tester.”

Now the ball is in Team Rehberg’s court. Is this exciting or what?

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