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Today I’m writing about Major League Baseball – the best and the worst, I look at Monday Night Football, Romo and Cassel, the surprises in the NFL and a lot more – so take a break from politics and catch some sports!


The boys of summer are winding down another season. Now it (finally) gets interesting!


Maybe you didn’t realize it, but the Major League Baseball season is coming to a close and the playoffs start October 5. I don’t watch much baseball because it is just too boring, but I do watch some of the playoffs and all of the World Series I can.

By the way, if the World Series goes seven games, the seventh game will be played November 1. Burrr… If they keep at it, one of these days we’ll be watching baseball on Thanksgiving.

I always like sporting events on Halloween because it’s fun seeing the costumes in the crowd! Game six of the World Series will be played on Halloween at the National League ballpark.

Because I love my readers, here is the link to the 2012 MLB Postseason Schedule – so you can plan around football and debates…

Worst in Baseball:

The Houston Astros are the worst team in Major League Baseball. With two games left in the season, the Astros have lost 106 games. The Chicago Cubs are second worst. As of today, they have lost 100 games.

Best in Baseball:

It looks like the Washington Nationals and the Cincinnati Reds will finish with the best records in baseball. With two games left, they both have won 96 games. No team will win 100 games this year.


We’re through the first quarter of the NFL season and the replacement refs are gone!

Monday Night Football:

Da Bears beat up on the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas last night 34-18. Dallas Quarterback (QB) Tony Romo threw five interceptions in the loss and people outside of Dallas smiled.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel has to be smiling as he only threw three interceptions on Sunday and Romo’s performance made Cassel look pretty good. By the way, Cassel’s back-up is Brady Quinn.

Speaking of the Chiefs:

Anyone who visits this website very often knows that I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Let me put it this way, I am an “unhappy” Kansas City Chiefs fan after their mostly poor performances this season.

I am afraid the current leaders of the Chiefs are taking the team down the toilet like the owners have done with the Kansas City Royals. The Chiefs last appeared in (and won) the Super Bowl after the 1969 season. The Royals last appeared in the World Series in 1985 and won it.

Some of us “older” Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fans are wondering if they will make it back to the “promised land” again in our lifetime.

Back in January the Chiefs officially hired Romeo Crennel as their coach. He had coached the last three games of the season for the Chiefs. I wrote at that time, “I am not too excited about the hire. We’ll see.”

I am still not excited. The Chiefs are 1-3 and they look terrible.

Kansas City Star Columnist Sam Mellinger says it best HERE.

Jon Gruden:

Yahoo! Sports has “Jon Gruden’s bizarre Monday Night Football rant” that you can catch HERE.

When I saw that, I Tweeted, “Gruden has left the planet again. #MNF.”

I do like Gruden better than his partner, Mike Tirico.

NFL Surprise:

So far the Arizona Cardinals going 4-0 and the New Orleans Saints going 0-4 are two of the big surprises this season.  Do you see any other surprises?

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