Tuesday Politics: Outhouse II, Finding Rehberg, & Being Nice

Thanks for stopping by The Western Word for Tuesday politics!  Before I get started today, I wanted to let you know that I am still asking for a chance to prove that money cannot make me happy – so keep that in mind…

Today I write about Outhouse part II, finding Rehberg, being nice, a new video, Iowa’s King, Clemens, and much more so read on…

Obama Outhouse Part II:

It’s very bad publicity for the Montana GOP.  It’s not that good if you are a Montanan, either.  If you Google “Obama Outhouse” there are hundreds (maybe thousands now) of hits on the web and there are almost 200 “Google news” hits.  The outhouse was on display during the Montana GOP Convention in Missoula this past weekend.

The photo of the outhouse being pulled around during a parade is making the rounds on the internet and it makes Montana look pretty silly – one photo shows a Rick Hill and Jon Sonju governor/lieutenant governor campaign sign on the pickup pulling the outhouse.

After it was mentioned in several blogs, including The Western Word (TWW), and picked up by the Associated Press on Monday, the Montana GOP tried to distance themselves from the outhouse issue saying,

“Over the weekend, an Associated Press headline falsely reported that the Montana Republican Party “displayed” an outhouse with various offensive statements about the President and his family.”

OK, the Montana GOP did not actually “display” the outhouse.  But there should have been more done, like someone in authority saying, “Get it the XXXX out of here” but saying that would mean angering a supporter (or many).  GOP Chairman Will Deschamps was quoted in the Missoulian newspaper saying, “It’s not something I’m going to agonize over” and dismissed it as “a sideshow.”

It’s the main show now, Mr. Chairman – and it is front and center.  It might be time to agonize…

Finding Rehberg:

Congressman Denny Rehberg is probably yearning for some positive media attention, too.  Apparently the Montana Broadcasters Association debate will go on with U.S. Senator Jon Tester and Libertarian Dan Cox as the only participates.  The Associated Press (AP) reported that Denny Rehberg won’t participate because, “The campaign says it was never formally invited by the debate hosts, and says it never confirmed participation.”  The AP also reported that the “Montana Broadcasters Association disputes the claim.”

As far as I can tell, Rehberg’s campaign has not disclosed where the Congressman will be on Sunday morning – and that adds to the mystery – and keeps it in the news and on the blogs.  I’m thinking he must be out of state.  It also makes Rehberg look bad; his unfavorable ratings are pretty high already.

If anyone from Team Rehberg (campaign/official staff) will e-mail me (western_word@yahoo.com) with the answer to where Rehberg is spending his Sunday morning (or his Saturday night), I’ll keep your name out of it.  We’re going to find Rehberg – someone will see him somewhere or someone will Tweet his location.  Also, when the donations are disclosed, there will be a date on the forms…

Just Be Nice:

The NBC station in Montana reported that after Saturday’s U.S. Senate debate, “a handful of witnesses tell us they saw an altercation between Mrs. Rehberg and an attendee, in which the attendee pushed Mrs. Rehberg.  Rehberg’s campaign confirmed the incident and say the Rehbergs left immediately afterwards.”

Mrs. Rehberg is the wife of Congressman Denny Rehberg who is running for U.S. Senate.

Everyone should be able to attend a political debate without the fear of being assaulted verbally or physically.  As someone who worked in security and law enforcement, I would have expected the campaigns to provide an escort for the wives of Rehberg and Tester because some people can’t control their emotions.

Some people (I like to call them wackos) fail to understand that this little Montana senate race is small potatoes compared to many other things in this world.  Here’s a little secret – life will go on no matter who wins in November.

MT Dems Video:

The Montana Democratic Party launched a new campaign ad against Congressman Denny Rehberg called, “Rehberg’s Unreasonable Bailouts.”  You can watch it HERE.

“After 12 years in Washington DC, Dennis Rehberg’s forgotten where he comes from…”

It’s not that great a video, but it had racked up about 489 views since it was posted on Monday (June 18).

Legislative v. Executive:

Steve King is an Iowa congressman.  I lived in Iowa several years ago and it was not a pleasurable experience (I just thought I would throw that piece of information out there).  On Friday, the Des Moines register reported, “King is considering filing a lawsuit to block a new policy that would allow some youths brought into the country illegally to stay if they don’t present a risk to public safety.”

A member of the House (the Legislative branch) filing a lawsuit against the President of the United States (the Executive branch) – is this a really good use of our taxpayer money Congressman King?

Clemens Verdict:

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) failed to convict former Major League Baseball player Roger Clemens on any of the six charges they brought against him.  The trial lasted about 10 weeks and it took the jurors about 10 hours to find him not guilty.  The DOJ had tried to get Clemens before, but a mistrial was declared.

I read that this trial cost the government (us taxpayers) about $3 million.  I think the DOJ should have to pay for Clemens’ defense and the cost he incurred for defending himself.  Then I think the DOJ lawyers and their superiors should be fired for bringing this case to court.

Clemens had testified before the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee back in 2008.  Committee chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and ranking member Tom Davis, R-Va., (two of our country’s major idiots serving in the U.S. House of Representatives IMHO) asked the DOJ to investigate if Clemens lied under oath.

I hope Roger Clemens is a first-ballot Hall of Famer – he deserves it – his career was that great.

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