Politics 2012: Money, Enthusiasm, & Beam Me Up

And just like that you’ve made it to Wednesday, congratulations!  It is downhill to the weekend from here.  I promise the weekend will get here…

Today on The Western Word I write about the money in the Montana Governor and Attorney General’s race, I mention the lack of enthusiasm for Romney (I found a poll to prove it), I write about Rehberg’s belt buckle, I mention a correction, and I take us back to 2002 where we hear from James A. Traficant.  There’s more so read on…

Listen to the Money Talk:

Tailored suits, chauffeured cars, Fine hotels and big cigars, Up for grabs, all for a price…” –AC/DC Moneytalks (I love to play this song on the bass guitar).

The “money” reports from the first quarter of 2012 fundraising are starting to trickle in!  This is the time when campaign folks need to come up with a positive comment or two that they hope will get in the news that will encourage people to donate more (and convince folks they are still mounting a credible campaign).

Money – Montana Governor

Lee Newspapers and the Associated Press both published stories about the Montana Governor candidates and their fundraising for the past quarter.

Current Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Bullock (the crime fighter) is riding high coming in ahead of the other candidates raising $105,000.  Since Bullock was the top Democrat, his spokesman was able to get a quote in one of the stories.

Leading the Republicans, former Congressman Rick Hill pulled in $31,453 and his spokesman also was quoted in the story for Lee Newspapers.

What stood out to me as an objective observer was that Jim O’Hara came in second for the GOP Governor candidates raising $22,540.

Overall it might appear to a political novice that Bullock is running away with the fundraising, but if you combine the two Democrats’ fundraising totals for the quarter ($106,120) and the six Republicans that were reporting for the quarter ($116,968) one sees that the GOP outraised the Democrats for Governor in the first quarter of 2012.

Money – Montana Attorney General

The campaign for Republican Attorney General Candidate Tim Fox sent The Western Word a press release saying “Fox Maintains Blistering Fundraising Pace” and “Raises over $1,000 per day since start of campaign.”  The bottom line is that the “report shows Fox’s campaign having raised over $20,000 in just the last 30 days, and comes on the heels of his $42,513 report on March 10.”

In my mind, the 2012 Montana Attorney General’s race is the fourth most interesting race in Montana behind U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Governor.  Since Attorney General Steve Bullock is running for Governor and not reelection, this is an open seat.  Two Democrats, Pam Bucy and Jesse Laslovich, are vying for that nomination and Tim Fox and Jim Shockley are facing off for the GOP.

No Enthusiasm:

A new poll from Gallup (that I received last night) says, “Rick Santorum’s announcement Tuesday that he is suspending his campaign effectively ends the GOP nomination contest and makes Mitt Romney the presumptive nominee.  Romney is the preferred presidential candidate of 42% of Republican voters nationwide, with Santorum coming in second at 24%.”  Gallup also reported, “Romney ranked among the leaders throughout the Republican nomination campaign, but Republicans’ lack of enthusiasm for him was evident in the number of times he shared or lost the lead.”

Romney is just so boring and he oozes a filthy richness that will be hard for him to overcome…then he has the flip-flops to deal with. 

Crotch Shot:

Ok, I wrote “crotch shot” to get your attention. 

Folks are having fun with the Rehberg for Senate flyer which was featured here and then made it in Roll Call, where they noted, “In this crotch shot in support of his Senate campaign, Rehberg shows a picture of a man’s mid-abdomen and belt line.  Across the belt’s buckle, the word “JOBS” is splayed.”

Maybe the Rehberg campaign folks should have someone other than close friends review the flyer before mass printing.

For his next flyer, I’m thinking a cowboy with a big belt buckle riding a mechanical bull…but what should the belt buckle have on it? 


The Great Falls Tribune finally issued a correction in today’s (Wednesday) paper (not online) regarding the incorrect photo of Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Miller that run in Sunday’s paper and in Tuesday’s paper.  So congrats to the Great Falls Tribune for finally getting it right…

Here at The Western Word, I mentioned the error in my column “Monday Morning Politics” and also contacted the Tribune, not because I support Miller but because I like to see newspapers report accurate information.

Beam Me Up:

On this date in 2002, “U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr., D-Ohio, was convicted of taking bribes and kickbacks from businessmen and his own staff.”

For your Wednesday laugh, here’s a classic James Traficant one-minute floor speech

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